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Skills and competencies for a Circular Human Resources Management in the Foundry sector

Global programme: ERASMUS+
Specific programme: KA2 - Cooperation and Innovation for Good Practices
Call: 2020
Project number: 2020-1-ES01-KA202-081908
Duration: 24 Months (10/1/2020 - 9/30/2022)
Project Manager: Marcial Alzaga
UNINETTUNO Scientific Leader: Maria Amata Garito
UNINETTUNO Project Manager: Dario Assante


Produce, use and throw away. This is the traditional model of the lineal economy and that the circular economy wants to replace with a model in which natural and technical resources are reused as long as possible. In December 2015, the European Commission adopted an action plan to accelerate Europe's transition towards a circular economy.
According to the report “Closing the loop: New circular economy Package” (2016) of the European Union, the new paradigm of Circular Economy could increase European GDP up to 7 % in 2030. The sustainable economy would also affect in the competitiveness and innovation of companies (reducing spending on net resources in Europe by 800 million euro per year), economic growth and the generation of new jobs. Currently, the foundry sector is transitioning to the circular economy as a result of the recent regulation of the European Union that establishes the following recycling targets: 65% of municipal waste, Ferrous metals: 80 % and Aluminum: 60 % by 2035.
Nevertheless, the transition to a circular economy not only faces challenges such as financing and key economic enablers but also new skills and competences which are currently not present in the workforce. For this reason, the transition to a circular economy needs a new approach to human resources management.
The CHROMAFOR project aims at supporting the transition of European foundries, from a lineal and traditional human resources management model to a circular human resources management model, which will improve the regeneration of skills and competencies in the working place and favors a circular and sustainable economy of both for the company and the workers, and their organizational models.


The main expected results are: the Professional Profile of the HR managers for the circular foundries and a multimedia training platform to develop skills and competences to support them to become adequately skilled, innovative players able to create sustainable jobs and opportunities within the foundries, and favor the foundries the transit forward to circular economy. A short description of the expected outcomes:
• Professional profile description for a Circular human resources management in the foundry sector. To identify the LO required by the HR managers of the circular foundries at EU level in terms of Knowledge, skills and Competences according to ECVET principles. A desk research and field research (interviews with min 10 HR managers of the sector and 3 interviews with experts/trainers in circular economy training) will be carried out.
• Digital histories of current circular economy best practices in the foundry HR management. By using real situations of circular foundries these case studies will provide easy understandable, very practical and well organized structure of the components of the HH.RR. Managers and clear picture on what set of skills are important and needed to be improved to ensure the success and sustainability of their jobs. 2 business practices will be identified per country: filming, video and sound editing, digital processing, animation, developing/editing of language versions, exporting into different multimedia formats.
• CHROMAFOR Curriculum and Training modules for a “Circular human resources management in foundries”. The curriculum will consist of a detailed modular training programme developed for the identified specific learning needs of the target group. The training modules will include a set of theoretical contents and practical activities for the acquisition of the learning outcomes in order to meet the specific training needs.
• CHROMAFOR Virtual Learning Environment. To develop an educational e-learning and knowledge sharing platform based upon collaborative learning approaches and test a training course with 10/15 HR managers of foundries / VET trainers in all partner countries.


UNINETTUNO will lead Intellectual Output 3 and coordinate the training material elaboration.
-contribute to describe the professional profile (IO1) and to identify and describe role models (IO2)
-develop the curriculum and trainig modules (IO3)
-contribute to test the VLE (IO4)
-disseminate and promote the project results


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