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O.P.T.O. - Personal Orientation for Transition and Employment

Global programme: Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri - Dipartimento per le politiche giovanili e il Servizio civile universale
Specific programme: Fondo per le politiche giovanili
Project number: n. 57 – CUP J32D15000060008
Duration: 24 Months (6/1/2020 - 5/31/2022)
Project Manager: Comunità di San Patrignano
UNINETTUNO Scientific Leader: Prof.ssa Paciello, Prof.ssa Di Pomponio
UNINETTUNO Project Manager: Sabrina Feletig


The project is aimed at young people who have a non-linear school and/or personal path in their development, who present alternative ways of learning and personal and professional growth and who, thanks to this path, have developed strong skills in the specific professional field, going to overcome other types of targets in the work context of manual or relational contexts.

The project will promote and support the job placement and self-entrepreneurship of this group of young people, thanks to innovative guidance and placement actions, and promoting self-entrepreneurship paths.

The intervention will be carried out at the San Patrignano Community, located in the town of Coriano (Rimini, Italy) and at the headquarters of the Cooperative Et Labora: Milan, Bergamo, Florence, Rome.


The general objective of the project is to promote and support the job placement and self-entrepreneurship of young talents (15-28 years old), through innovative orientation and placement initiatives.

Specific objectives

1. Develop orientation and placement actions for young talents using empowerment techniques linked to the proactivation method. The initiative will include the realization of several LEOs (Orienting Experiential Laboratories) useful to promote orientation (personal and professional) and orientating communication through personal and group reflection on their life skills, soft skills and vocational skills, production workshops (video cv, e-portfolio).

2. Promoting self-entrepreneurship paths for young talents through the creation of an Entrepreneurial LAB practice that can provide approaches, processes and tools, as well as an operational method support (tutorship) to business ideas and people.


UNINETTUNO is assigned the role of monitoring and evaluating the results of the initiative. The monitoring process will be carried out in three phases (incoming evaluation, mid-term evaluation and evaluation at the end of the process) through the administration of questionnaires complementary to the individual skills assessment and guidance activities implemented by the Proposer.


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