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UARDIANS - Gateway for User Access to Remote Distributed Information and Network Services


Community Program

IST Program - “Information Management Methods”

First contractor

FD Learning - Scheffield - UK



The GUARDIANS Project aims at identifying the tools and the new technologies for information management for a new generation “Information Management” tools, identifying and implementing and open architecture meant for distributing and managing online information services (Internet and digital streaming) that may be accessed through different technologies and by different types of users. Based on the results of the GESTALT Project, the GUARDIANS Project intends to extend the original architecture.
The final objective is to realized an architecture and demo of networked services (or with different technological infrastructures that are reciprocally integrated) for the delivery of multimedia, interactive, “smart” contents and whose operational sample is in the field of education. This architecture is based on an Information Service Provider that, further to an appropriate metadating of the existing resources (made available by the various Content Providers) and through a user profiling sees to connect demand and offer in a customized way.
The project includes a section devoted to the general analysis o the technological and business scenarios that are being created in the field of the Information Technology in this respect. In addition an experimental test-bed is proposed in which technological options can be implemented.


NETTUNO had an active role in the Work Packages dealing with:
  • Management (Work Package 1);
  • Requirement Specification (Work Package 2);
  • Information Objects design and implementation (Work Package 4);
  • Integration and testing (Work Package 8);
  • Evaluation (Work Package 9);
  • Dissemination (Work Package 10);

Beside the project general management (Work Package 1), NETTUNO had an active role in defining the Requirements Specifications (Work Package 2) giving its contribution in an independent and original document that can be consulted in the project website.
As it regards the Information Objects design and implementation (Work Package 4) it made planning of the activities, the selection of the technological standards and started the experimentation and the resources metadating. The first two phases are summarized in the extensive document prepared by NETTUNO for the deliverable D8 can be consulted in the project website.
NETTUNO participated in the evolution activities that, by the way, received highly favorable judgments by the European Commission and that were officially posted in the project website.
Finally, NETTUNO carried out a constant and fruitful dissemination activity.


1 November 2000 - 1 November 2002




NETTUNO - Network per l'Università Ovunque


WATERFORD Institute of Technology - IRELAND


ARPA University of Naples “Federico II”