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TEN-A – Trans-European Net Academy

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BIT of Vienna (International Research and Cooperation Promotion Agency)


The TEN-A project aims at supplying a Trans-European e-Learning exchange service, building on the results achieved by the UNIVERSAL project, funded by the European Commission, which realized the first prototype.
TEN-A consists in the implementation of a platform able to offer an e-Learning brokerage service and of “live” online contents and educational packages delivery.
The brokerage platform will act as an electronic market and will allow European higher education institutions, private companies and public administrations to acquire and distribute educational resources. This platform, already existing as a prototype, has to be validated and put on the European market after a testing phase within the TEN-Telecom market.
This technological system, based on the Web, promotes the creation and sharing of knowledge allows for a cooperation among trainers by supplying a full range of services supporting contents exchange.
The platform, in addition, contains other functionalities aimed at cataloguing and distributing different types of contents:

  • Electronic handbooks, recordings of lessons and speeches, case studies, questionnaires;
  • Tutored educational activities such as lessons, tutoring sessions, group synchronic collaboration, online courses;
  • Research materials such as scientific articles, theses and databases.

To sum up, the objectives of the main TEN-A services are:

  • Support the exchange and spread of knowledge and valuable academic competences coming from renowned European educational institutions in cooperation with private companies and public agencies;
  • Enhancing the European industry competitiveness linking the best expertise of the academic institutions to the companies’ training needs;
  • Enhance the quality and effectiveness of higher education in Europe and contributing to the continuing education of professionals paying attention to the most demanded sectors (for example, the information and communication technologies).


The project activities (work packages) requiring the involvement of NETTUNO are the following ones:

Work Package 2: Market survey on the current situation as it regards distance learning in Europe
Work Package 3: Activities of validation of the services offered through the TEN-A platform

Establishment of strategic partnerships as it regards the offer of contents for distance education. Communication activity and promotion of the achieved results.

In particular:

  • Under Work Package 2 NETTUNO conducts a market survey on e-Learning in Italy, identifying the business objectives and contributing to giving an overview on the reference market for TEN-A and supplying a basis for comparison with other solutions adopted by the international market.
  • Under the activities of validation of the services offered to the users through the TEN-A platform, NETTUNO plays an important role in the phase of acquisition and cataloguing of the contents. To this end the following activities are envisaged:

Preparation of a catalogue in the English language including all NETTUNO digitized courses; selection of the contents to be posted on the TEN-A platform; cataloguing on the platform (accessible through an account and  password) of the selected contents based on pre-set variables and relative description in English; selection of a group of Italian-speaking users who will participate in the operational, usability testing and acceptance of the platform.

  • Under WP 4 (Strategic Partnerships) NETTUNO identifies a range of contents providers and technological partners with which to make strategic alliances in order to enhance TEN-A services offer and reach a wider target group.
  • NETTUNO is the leader of the Project communication activities (Work Package 5) and of dissemination of the achieved results. In this regard NETTUNO prepares a dissemination plan describing all the general dissemination activities and identifies the communication channels that are most suitable for the e-Learning brokerage platform, production of promotional materials included.


1 June 2002 - 30 November 2003


University of Economics and Business Administration of Vienna
IMC – Information Multimedia Communication, Vienna
NCRS Demokritos
OTE - Athens
Allweb Solutions
NETTUNO - Network per l'Università ovunque