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ActivAge - Supporting ageing adults to stay active

Global programme: Erasmus+
Specific programme: KA204 - Strategic Partnerships for adult education
Call: Call 2020 Round 1 KA2 - Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
Project number: 2020-1-IT02-KA204-080018
Duration: 24 Months (9/1/2020 - 8/30/2022)
Project Manager: UNINETTUNO
UNINETTUNO Scientific Leader: Prof. Diego Centonze
UNINETTUNO Project Manager: Sabrina Feletig


This project is aimed at over-65-year-old people who are still active and healthy, and proposes a pro-active approach aimed at preventing psycho-physical decay and social exclusion and at ensuring general wellbeing. The digital technologies will represent the means to access a global platform that will serve as a tool for offering educational contents as well as a customized guide and orientation service that will give specific recommendations and activity and learning paths.

The strategic partnership will initially develop a research work aimed at exploring the existing initiatives and good practices in the field of active ageing in the three target countries (Italy, France and Slovenia) as well as at international level. Starting from the study of the existing literature and resources as well as through interviews and surveys aimed at the actors of active ageing and to target stakeholders, a report will be prepared, both in a .PDF and online format, that will allow to:

  1. thoroughly understand the background and needs of the target group;
  2. map the actors on the field, the existing tools and resources and define the effectiveness.

The sector being considered are mainly those of reference for the 6 project partners: sports, health, lifelong learning, social relationships, healthy behavior models.

The research work will be used as a frame of reference for developing an online self-assessment tool that will allow an analytical profiling of the final users and will suggest them a customized path to keep fit from a physical and mental viewpoint. This maintenance path will include also resources made available through a “knowledge center”, developed by the project itself. This “knowledge center” will include free and open educational (videolessons and other more-in-depth study materials included) and information/reference resources, also including a geolocalized database of the activities and resources made available to over-65-year old people.


The objective of ActivAge is achieve by means of its 3 intellectual outputs:

- Collection and analysis of the Best Practices for Active Ageing

- ActivAge self-assessment and recommendation tool

- ActivAge Digital Knowledge Center for over-65-year-old people.

Thanks to these tools, the project will achieve the following results:

Active elderly people will have access to customized path and to a set of tools that will enable them to realize their active and healthy ageing potentials.

A deeper knowledge of the best practices for healthy and active ageing among service providers for elderly people and operators of the sector.

A wider offer of services/activities for over-65-year-old people.

A greater involvement and social inclusion of elderly people that will promote equality and diversity in our societies.


UNINETTUNO is the coordinator of the ActivAge Project; it is responsible for the project financial and administrative management, of fund allocation to the partners, supervising their use and preparation of provisional and final budgets.

UNINETTUNO coordinates the overall project implementation and is responsible for its communication activities; it is the "digital enabler" for the whole project and supplies the digital skills to reach the target group and made online resources available. UNINETTUNO is responsible for

Uninettuno è responsabile per the intellectual work (IW), of 3 Knowledge Centers for the Silver Age, a true online educational center (with freely accessible e-Learning modules), as well as geolocalized information and reference center for services aimed at over-65 year-old people.