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GENESIS - Generic Network for Satellite Interactive System

Community program

First contractor


The project was aimed at supplying the European market with services for education and distance learning based on the new Internet via satellite broadcasting technologies, realizing a technological and educational platform in which multimedia resources for education and training usable at distance through Internet via satellite were made available.

These broadcasting technologies, jointly with teaching-learning multimedia systems made available a wide range of texts, graphics, audio and video materials and tools capable of developing interaction and video multicasting making available a flexible and cost-effective system of streaming of the multimedia educational resources.

These services were made available according to three different modes:
  • In real time;
  • On demand;
  • Schedule-based.

In addition, the GENESIS envisage an experimental phase in which the partners were involved in the realization of a set of pre-operational demos of the service in several European countries.


Within the activities promoted by the GENESIS Project, NETTUNO – Network per l’Università Ovunque, realized a digitized video courses (lasting 2 hours) of "Lingua Latina – Latino Medioevale (Latin Language – Medieval Latin)", delivered by Prof. G. Polara (University of Naples “ Federico II”) and supplemented by interactive practice work (Prof. Polara and Dr. Valenti – University of Naples “Federico II”).
During the year 2000 some experimentation activities (Pilot Trial Operations) were started up and completed with the involvement of NETTUNO Technological Poles in Rome and in Naples.
More specifically, two remote sites were set up (multimedia halls, satellite board + satellite dish made available by NETTUNO) for experimentation tests at the Technological Pole of Naples and at the National Centre of Rome.
These workstations were set up receive satellite data directly to a Pc.
The videolessons were digitized and included navigable contents and online exercises available on the GENESIS portal (multimedia contents portal).
During the experimentation phase, through the Internet via satellite connection, the following activities were carried out:

  • Online use and download of the two videolessons that were produced and digitized by NETTUNO;
  • Online exercises and their download on PC;
  • Online use and download the videolessons that were produced by the related partners;
  • Online exercises and their download on PC.

This experimentation was carried on exploiting GENESIS portal allowing access to all the courses produced by all partners in the project framework.
These activities were assessed by means of a questionnaire analyzing the effectiveness of the service offered thanks to two forms available on the website (one for the student/user and one for the technology) and filled-in.  

1 January 1999 - 1 January 2001

IDATE – Institut de l'Audiovisuel et des Télécomunictios en Europe
NETTUNO - Network per l'Università Ovunque
Sheffield Hallam University
TWI – The Welding Institute
Education Online