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NETCAMPUS - Improving Open and Distance Learning in a Network


Community program

SOCRATES - Minerva

First contractor




The project builds on the consideration that education and training within university networks can offer significant added value to the existing current courses; however, it was found that there are also several obstacles preventing the implementation of this kind of education.
Some troublesome aspects are well identified and are linked to questions related to copyright, quality assessment, credits transfer (practical problems). However, such obstacles often hide other problems such as a widespread lack of knowledge of the potentials of educational methods based on TICs, prejudices related to ODL as an alternative to traditional face-to-face education, resistances to change the role of the teacher with the new teaching processes etc… These problems, less tangible compared to the first ones, can be named as attitude obstacles.
The project intends to find solutions both to the practical and to the attitude problems, that are typical of the education in networked environments; in addition, it is foreseen to validate and demonstrate the solution by means of pilot actions.
In brief, the project general objectives are:
  • Enhance awareness about potential benefits of creating networks among universities based on TICs and identifying critical factors for a successful implementation;
  • Identifying the attitude obstacles and practical problems (i.e. copyright, language, credits);
  • Develop solutions, test and validate them by means of set of pilot actions.


During the first year, NETTUNO, in synergy with other partners, contributed to outlining the state of the art on current ODL scenarios in networked environments. NETTUNO was involved in assessment activities and in the consolidation of the current expertise for describing the existing ODL networks, including pros and cons and for identifying existing models to some practical and attitude problems.
During the second year, NETTUNO will be involved also in activities of validation of the models by means of pilot actions aimed at the:
  • Selection, design and development of pilot actions;
  • Assessment of models proposed in WP2.

NETTUNO will also involved in dissemination activities with the purpose of:

  • Enhancing the awareness about benefits and critical factors for efficient ODL based on TICs;
  • Developing solution aimed at overcoming obstacles and problems.



1 September 2000 - 1 September 2002



LINOV - Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Universiteit Twente
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Helsinki University of Technology - Dipoli
Warsaw University of Technology
Universitatea Politehnica Bucuresti
CSLM - University of West Hungary
Universitatea Tehnica din Cluj-Napoca
Technical University of Kosice - Elfa
University of Ljubljana
Nettuno - Network per l'Università Ovunque
University of Bologna - CITAM