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With the European research project Exchange the study on the theme “L’acteur collectif dans le reseaux d’echanges de savoirs et dans la formation a distance” (The collective player in the networks of knowledge exchange and Distance Education) was carried out at the European level.
The objectives of this study were, on one hand, to evaluate the contributions of the mediators’ activities in the network of knowledge exchange and in Open and Distance Education, and on the other hand, to develop the cooperation and socialization dynamics among the players of Open and Distance Education.


NETTUNO carried out research, observation and analysis of knowledge exchange methods in Distance Education, investigating the following three main aspects of learning:


  1. The role of mediators, tutors and collaborators in Distance Education;
  2. The learning process in Distance Education;
  3. The collective player in the networks of knowledge exchange and Distance Education

In particular, NETTUNO developed two questionnaires related to three main research topics (for each of the 3 phases of the research):


A questionnaire addressed to the tutors with the purpose to investigate three different topics:

  1. Role of the field mediators (tutors) in the processes of distance teaching;
  2. Influence of the f New Information and Communication Technologies usage on the learning processes and tutoring activities;
  3. Socialization aspects either in the distance education practices and in the tutoring sessions.

A questionnaire addressed to the students with the purpose to investigate three different topics:

  1. functions of a tutor;
  2. ways of the learning organisation;
  3. Socialization processes (implemented also through the Internet).

These questionnaires were administered to students and tutors thanks to support of the Technological Poles in Turin, Trieste and Naples.
In the phase the obtained results’ analysis, NETTUNO produced the following REPORTS:

  1. "The role of the field mediators in distance teaching" (French version: "Le role des mediateurs de champ dans l'enseignement a distance") by the Prof. M.A. Garito;
  2. The networked collaborative learning in the NETTUNO experience” (French version: "L'apprentissage en réseau dans l'experience de NETTUNO") by the Prof. M.A. Garito.

Furthermore, NETTUNO contributed to the final elaboration of all the chapters of the Final Document that describes the activities carried out, the analysis of the learning methodologies, the role of mediators, as well as the observations and assessments of the results obtained.
With regard to the results’ dissemination, NETTUNO realized a TV broadcast (30 min.) entitled as "L’acteur collectif dans les réseaux d’echanges de savoirs et dans la formation à distance” with the collaboration of the Prof. Jacques Perriault (Université de Paris X-Nanterre) and France Broutin (Reseaux d’Echange Reciproques de Savoirs d’Evry).
The TV broadcast was aimed at presenting the final results of the ECHANGE project.


1998 - 2000



CNED - Centre national d'enseignement à distance
FUNDP Department Education et Technologie
Universitè de Neuchatel - Seminaire de Psychologie
Centre de formation à distance de Poschiavo
NETTUNO - Network per l'Università Ovunque



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