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Information Society Technology (IST) Programme


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National Centre for Scientific Research "DEMOKRITOS" (NCSR)



The Time2Learn project is aimed at identifying and creating a network of actors playing a key role in the field of e-Learning and of vocational training in Europe in order to:


  • Identifying and classifying emerging actors and technologies in the field of e-Learning Research and Development (R&S);
  • Identifying priority areas for the future R&D activities meeting the vocational training needs of the European market; 
  • Analyzing the optimal reference performances (benchmarking) collecting successful case studies and examples of best practice;
  • Indentifying successful criteria and an evaluation model to measure the running high-performance programs outcomes;
  • Defining the guidelines for an effective management of the big research programs and a distance vocational training network.

The general aim of Time2Learn is that of optimizing the European workers’ performances through a process of creation, acquisition and dissemination of knowledge supported by the Information Communication Technology (ICT).


From an organizational viewpoint each partner institutions will choose a “European” issue that may contribute, in general terms, to the education of students, citizens and workers. Each partner will invite an expert on this issue who will deliver a seminar jointly with an “in-house” expert of the organization (“local moderator”). In order to reach a wider users’ group each partner will create a network of its own. Each seminar will included three sections: interactive preparatory activities, seminar (presentation, localization and debate) and follow-up interactive activities.


The activities of the Time2Learn project (Work Packages) involving NETTUNO are:

Work Package 1 : As part of the analyses of state of the art of current research work relating to contents, technology and services NETTUNO identifies and catalogues national research projects in the e-learning field based on a range of criteria such as maturity level (test, prototype, demonstration, testing, product) and their taxonomy (reference audience, costs, technologies and services used).

Work Package 2 : As part of the analysis of the vocational training needs of the European market, NETTUNO identifies the trends and the evolution of the Italian market in the last five years, including case studies on best practices.

Work Package 3 : NETTUNO contributes to the development of client-oriented evaluation model that is defined further to the identification of the future needs of the vocational training market. Evaluation criteria are the result of feedbacks coming from the three involved sectors (contents, technologies and services), interviews with experts, surveys and workshops.

Work Package 4 : NETTUNO contributes to the preparation of a Report on the modus operandi of the current programs identifying the success criteria for an effective management of the future research projects. The tools being used are: morphologic boxes, interviews with experts, case studies, surveys, workshops.

Work Package 5 : NETTUNO plays a key role in the project communication and achieved results disseminationnn activities. In cooperation with CISCO, the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) and the UK University for Industry (UFI), NETTUNO indentifies the strategies and means for and effective promotion of Time 2Learn and contributes to the production of information materials. More specifically, it is responsible for the organization of the project second workshop aimed at presenting, discussing, analyzing and consolidating the work previously done. In addition,  the workshop will see the participation of experts in the field of vocational training and of technologies for distance learning.


1 September 2002 - 30 November 2003



UCY – University of Cyprus
Allweb Solutions
Greek Research & Technology Network
ARTTIC - France
FhG - Germany
KLETT - Germany
TAE - Germany
HUT - Helsinky University of Technology
Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
HEC - Hautes Etudes Commerciales
IMC - Information Multimedia Communication AG
UFI - UK Industry University
OUNL - Open University of the Netherlands
Brunel University
NETTUNO - Network per l'Università Ovunque