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Research Area
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The scientific and technological research activities of the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO are divided into Faculty research activities linked to the specificities of each Faculty and of each discipline characterizing them and in research activities defined as “University” ones. The University research activities are aimed at developing innovative formats to realize face-to-face and distance teaching and learning processes. The results allowed to realize the UNINETTUNO’s platform and its Didactic Cyberspace where teaching and learning are carried out in an interactive and collaborative way in five languages.

“The UNINETTUNO University” Rector Garito says “is a true laboratory for multidisciplinary research work in which the hypotheses of application of the new technologies on teaching and learning processes are firstly tested and, after having checked their scientific soundness, become an operational practice and are constantly evolving as constantly evolving is the development of UNINETTUNO’s psycho-pedagogic model.

Most of these research activities are funded by research programs of the European Commission and are carried on in cooperation with researchers of universities and research centers of several European countries. The currently running research projects are aimed at immersive-collaborative teaching modes as well as at artificial intelligence applied to learning, machine learning, mixed reality, augmented reality, learning analytics and data science applied to learning. Their outcomes may allow to cancel distances by developing models of tridimensional virtual laboratories, new methodologies of students-professors interaction. Particular attention is devoted to constantly checking the students’ many cognitive styles along their learning processes based on different technologies.

Presently, beside the University’s research projects, we are carrying on several Faculty research projects ranging from studies on nuclear fusion to cloud computing, to the Internet of Things, industry 4.0, to digital economy, to the problems linked to law in the digital society, to cybersecurity, to digital cultural heritages, to digital social innovation. Just to give an example, the Engineering Faculty is currently engaged in some research works on cosmic rays, on the observation of the Earth for studying the precursors of earthquakes, on the ionosphere and on many other issues.

Many are the scientific partnerships: international universities and research institutes such as the Riken (Japan), N.A.S.A., the Chinese Space Agency, the Italian Space Agency, the INFN, INGV, INAF and many others. Some studies on nuclear fusion are carried on in cooperation with the M.I.T., Boston. Other inter-faculty research activities are aimed at cloud computing, at the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, at digital economy and to the problems of law in the digital society, at cybersecurity, at digital cultural heritages, to Internet addictions etc.

The research laboratories are available on the technological platform of the UNINETTUNO University, hardware and software packages, tele and video conferences, distributed calculus, computer-based connections with other research laboratories of several countries and with several universities across the world allow researchers to carry on their activities using the Web to exchange data, standardize research protocols and share materials, equipment and laboratories with other international centers and teams and to work together by remote.

Additionally, some agreements with CNR (Italian National Council of Research) allow to use also their research laboratories. Even as regards humanities, researchers have at their disposal on the Web the book heritages of many libraries across the world. Thanks to connections available in UNINETTUNO premises it is possible to work in permanent contact with colleagues in other laboratories – exchanging documents and data – as well as access databases of the most renowned national and international online journals of many disciplines. For UNINETTUNO innovation is present also in its educational offer; new degree courses were realized aimed at making the students acquire skills meeting the needs of the global, digital, ever-evolving labor market. An example is given by the new degree courses in “Cultural Heritages and Digital Memory” and “Law of the Digital Society”, “Public Institutions and Digital Media”, “Digital Corporate Communication”, “Business Management and Digital Technologies”, Digital Economy, Big Data, Cybersecurity, Green Energy, Industry 4.0 ,“Neurosciences” and “Cyberpsychology”.

Finally, a synergy between research and education can be found also in the two research doctorates aimed at studying the impact of technologies in the current social backgrounds:

The Doctorate in Mind and Technologies in the Digital Society of the Psychology Faculty and    
The Doctorate in Technological Innovation Engineering of the Engineering Faculty.


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