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Spot-on youth for a democratic, informed and more crisis-responsive EU society

Global programme: Erasmus +
Specific programme: Cooperation partnerships in youth
Call: Erasmus+ 2021 - KA220-YOU - Cooperation partnerships in youth
Project number: KA220-YOU-37C1EDE2
Duration: 22 Months (2/28/2022 - 12/27/2023)
Project Manager: UNINETTUNO
UNINETTUNO Project Manager: Serena Bernardini - Davide Vietri


superYOUTH aims to develop a transnational youth worker training programme on better training youth to debunk DMM.


With the proliferation of digital media, access to internet and tech-savvy youth, nowadays online communication is under fire. As the digital environment is widely open and free, orchestrated campaigns are generally causing three types of recognized information-driven malice (UNESCO, 2020): Disinformation, Misinformation, and Malinformation (DMM). Even more, as observed especially during crises, societal changes and radical innovation deployment (political events, refugee crises, pandemics (COVID-19, introducing 5g technologies, environmental sustainability, etc), the impact of DMM on youth that do not have the proper skills to properly assess online content leads to intristic and deep-rooted challenges that can negatively shape the next generation of European citizens: i.e. sharp rise in the number of deaths during the COVID-19 crisis due to fake news diminishing the gravity of the pandemic and surging people not to follow the rules (SOMA Observatory, 2020), rise in homophobia during democratic voting exercises, inducing fear and rejection against immigrants and refugees (EC, 2020), sharp rise of populism, chauvinism and extremist views (Politico, 2020), limiting youth’s rights and ability to a democratic lifestyle, civic engagement, active citizenship (among others).

In this context, superYOUTH aims to develop a transnational youth worker training programme on better training youth to debunk DMM.


PROJECTS RESULTS (MAIN ONES): Result 1 – Fighting disinformation, misinformation and malinformation (DMM) curriculum Result 2– Youth worker train the trainer toolkit on DMM Result 3- An open access platform for young people where they can report fake news and ask for advice superYOUTH Alumni Network of Qualified Fake News Experts

PROJECT OUTCOMES: superYOUTH will primarily train youth workers and youth: 100 youth participants the virtual pilot events (from which 50 will apply for YOUTHPASS certificates, at least 25% will come from groups at risk, and 30% will be interested in further youth studies , 100 youth workers directly involved in the virtual pilot events (from which at least 15 will have DigComp certification). Furthermore, at least 300 youth and youth workers from outside of the project will receive the results of superYOUTH. The number of additional target groups (regulators, policy makers, NGOs, Media outlets, etc) engaged in the online platform from Result 3 will reach at least 600. The number of other types of training institutions (beyond youth) that will incorporate superYOUTH’s outputs will be at least 30. Furthermore, at least 200 people will participate at the four multiplier events and an overall number of 9500 people will be reached throughout the dissemination campaigns.


UNINETTUNO will lead PR1 and will be partner in PR2 and PR3. Main activities will regard the development of the educational content.


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