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The Real Picture

Global programme: Erasmus Plus
Specific programme: KA2 - Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices - Strategic Partnerships for youth
Call: 2019
Project number: 2019-1-MT01-KA205-051165
Duration: 18 Months (9/1/2019 - 2/28/2021)


The Real Picture is a project by 9 partners from France, Italy, Slovenia, Greece, Nigeria and Malta
under the leadership of VisMedNet Association of Malta.
The project is a reaction to social changes and migration flows of our times that are now one of the
most common subjects of discussion all over Europe. It will engage young people in discussion and
social media public education campaign on the subject of migration. 


The Real Picture is a reaction to social changes and migration flows that are now one of the most common subjects of discussion all over Europe. It will engage young people in discussion and in a social media campaign activities on the subject of migration. This will be done with a strategy to
educate the masses on the topic running counter to the negative press and communication used in the media when speaking about migration through creativity and young enterprise.
It is also a strategic action taken by the partners to counter the general perception often conveyed in misinformation campaigns and rash statements on the media and in social media that migrants not coming from war torn areas of Africa are economic migrants making the decision to embark on a dangerous journey in a frivolous manner. This project will ensure that the general public in the EU is made aware that other causes such as extreme poverty, persecution, famine and manipulation also
push people out of their countries.
The social media campaign by youths will also address youths in Nigeria on the dangers of illegal migration routes to Europe that is not always a guarantee of reaching destination and then again reaching Europe does not mean an easy wealthy life from then on. This aims to reduce the
susceptibility of youths in Nigeria to mental manipulation on this subject. Nigeria was chosen as a typical example of a country not presently a war zone but still the point of departure of Sub-Saharan migrants to Europe.
The project will have vertical activities that are a linear forward development and three horizontal activities.
1. Kick-off Meeting: led by the Applicant t and hosted in Ljubljana in which all partners will participate with one person. In this meeting the partners will establish their working relationship, project timeline and implementation schedule. The activity is indicated as M1 in the project timetable.
2. Second meeting in Malta: This will serve to review the warm up period between the Kick-off Meeting and this meeting and to start new phases in the development and implementation of the IOs. It will include the revision and more detailed definition of the success thresholds of the social media campaign developed in IO2. This is indicated in the project timetable as M2.
3. Training Activity for youth leaders and youths: held in Malta coinciding with M2 that will in part be training on social media campaign management and project management and production of creative content in text and in still and moving image as well as specialised PR and Media strategies on the subject of migration. It will impart entrepreneurial and online collaboration methodologies. All partners will take part youth leaders and youths who will later take part in the local activities. The training will also set the leitmotif for technical collaboration between the six production teams in Malta, Rome, Nigeria, Ljubljana, Bordeaux and Athens. This is indicated as C1 in the project timetable.
4. Development of IO1 : Starting from the beginning of the project with work started up between VisMedNet and MOAS to produce first visual content exploiting the media library that the latter has on the dangers of illegal migration routes and then going on to bring together such video content together with other content produced by the partners in their local activities.


The objectives are:
- equip the partner organisations, youths and youth leaders with horizontal skills that will up their respective professional profiles and potential related to capacity building, employability and
professionalism in the youth sector
- engage youths in creative social awareness campaigning to raise awareness and impart social education on the subject of migration.
It will reach its objectives by first bringing youths and youth leaders together in a training activity in the beginning of the project lifetime in which they will acquire knowledge about social media management and the process of:
- research and planning
- audience segmentation and identification of distribution channels for product development
- homogeneity (given the cross border production) and branding
- production and post production of still and moving picture and
- mass distribution.
During the process they will acquire competences in:
- research and cooperation for research purposes
- cooperation and management in multi cultural team in a cross border manner
- joint media production and all the joint decision making processes that go behind it 
- organisation and self management throughout project activities including organisation of multiplier events for wide audiences.


UNINETTUNO will be the broadcasting partner of the project with its wide visibility in Europe, North Africa and the Middle and Near East via its satellite TV channel.UNINETTUNO will support the development of Intellectual Output 1 with its broadcasting infrastructure, will be training provider during the training and will organise a Multiplier Event.


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