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EETP - European Educational Teleports


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Teleports project aims to find in Europe a common ground for the programmes of distance education through the creation and validation of a European Network of Educational Teleports. The project will be characterised by large and homogeneous populations of five different countries, from a field of action included common (or compatible) services and contexts, and common methodologies for the operation design.


The project was organized into six main areas:

  • Area A: dedicated to managerial activities;
  • Area B: dedicated to users needs (training needs, access to technology, etc.), with particular attention to the inter-cultural content;
  • Area C: dedicated to the functional specifications: definition of non-technical services and managerial structures, content and methodology courses, technical services;
  • Area D dedicated to implementation. The courses providers have a collaborator to adapt pre-existing learning materials to the needs of the European audience, a richer media mix, and appropriate managerial structures. Furthermore, in this area the vocational training systems and technical services were implemented;
  • Area E: the courses and services developed in the previous phases were tested and validated in two stages;
  • Area F: the experimentation results were evaluated with particular attention to the business development;

The service providers and users were involved in a common work in order to:

  • Analyse the needs of the users;
  • Define the functional systems;
  • Create the content of the courses;
  • Deliver the courses and assess the learning results.

The courses will be validated at national and transnational level on the basis of innovative technologies, public administration.
Teleports will use an appropriate mix of media and technologies to spread their services to the end users.
This mix will include digital satellites, television for data transmission, the World Wide Web, electronic conferencing, e-mail, databases with didactic materials.
All the Teleports will be connected through the Internet and ISDN (videoconferencing).



NETTUNO participated in the project as a provider of courses.
The course materials produced by NETTUNO were for adaptation to the purposes of the project (Work Package 4).
Furthermore, due to the experience gained in the field, NETTUNO offered its contribution to the definition of the teaching methodology (Work Package 4) and to the adaptation of a course (Work Package 5).
Consorzio NETTUNO was actively involved in the phase of experimentation (Work Package 6).



November 1, 1995 - January 31, 1998



SINFORM - Sinergie per la Formazione
RAI - Research Centre
NETTUNO - Network per l'Università Ovunque
Telecom Italia
Union Camere
University College Dublin - AudioVisual Centre
RTE Radio Telefis Eireann
TDC Tecnologia das Comunicações, Lda.
Universidade Aberta
AIP/COPRAI - Associação Industrial Portuguesa
IFB - Instituto de Formaòao Bancària
ANCIFAP - Spagna HPY - Finland
YLE - Finland
MAO - Finland
HAOKK - Finland
Fomento Nacional del Trabajo