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THE LEARNING BRIDGE - A programme of support for older learners

Communty program


First contractor

South Bank University


The project aim is the construction of a “learning bridge” among the competences acquired in an informal way (prior learning) and the competences acquired through a formal learning path for the purpose of recognizing informal learning.


In the project framework, in the University of Naples and in the University of Trieste, some tutors were appointed with the task of identifying the key factors of informal learning though the analysis of learning dynamics within the course of the Distance University Diploma in Computer Engineering.
At these Universities some working groups were created with the purpose of identifying the methodologies for assessing and monitoring the users’ informal competences.
In particular, the following activities were carried on:

  • Analysis of the current situation and identification of the NETTUNO student’s characteristics by means of discussion groups;
  • Identification of similar experiences also linked to the acknowledgement of informal education (for example: "European Computer Driving Licence" - ECDL Foundation;
  • Analysis of the students’ database and their classification according to their specialization degree;
  • Identification of 5 professional profile for acknowledgement purposes.
With reference to the execution of these activities the "Detection and recogniction of informal knowledge in the Nettuno University" report was prepared dealing with the activities of the second year and presented on the 2 September 1999.
This report corresponds to the section of the handbook devoted to the tutors’ training through distance teaching modes.


1 October 1998 - 30 August 1999


South Bank University
NETTUNO - Network per l'Università Ovunque
Hamburger Volkshochschule