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PLATO - Promoting Learning through Advanced Technology Optimisation

Community program

First contractor
Deutsche Telekom

The project aims at realizing a study on the possibilities of adapting university courses to the EUROISDN-based infrastructures and equipments, taking into account, on the one hand, the needs of intermediate target groups (professors and tutors) and final target groups (students and people attending learning courses) and, on the other hand, an optimal utilization of the mix of technological equipments.
Further to the results of this study, the courses providers will be able to adapt their own courses and deliver them through the university infrastructures as well as marketing them through telecommunication operators.

The project main objectives:
  1. Analysis of the technologies, selection and proposal of a mix of communication means based on EuroISDN, adapted to the universities’ needs. Use of interactive television; via satellite broadcasting and remote interaction based on EuroISDN. Use of videoconferencing systems. Use of "bridge multipoint". Use of computer-conferencing through the WWW for educational purposes.
  2. Analysis of courses based on EuroISDN and of the aspects linked to their adaptation with special attention to maintenance technical problems, to management and educational quality problems in order to validate the technological and pedagogical platform.
  3. Assessment of the cost-benefits relation and of the effectiveness with particular attention to the technical-economic and financial problems linked to the wide-scale dissemination.
  4. Dissemination of the results. Identification of the tools and methodologies needed to reach the widest audience within the identified target group. Televised interactive workshop at the conclusion of the feasibility study.


Analysis and finalization of the experimentation regarding courses adaptation with a special attention on online tutoring and to the study of interactions between teachers and students through EuroISDN.
During the whole project time span NETTUNO produced hte following documents and reports:

  • "Report on the first session for the awarding of the Distance University Diploma"
  • Distance teaching today - new technologies and new methods. Analysis of a model"Prof. M.A. Garito.
  • "Technological Platform to experiment the distance tutoring of NETTUNO between the Technological Pole of Turin an Technological Pole of Alessandria, and between the technological Pole of Bologna and Distance Learners." Prof. M. Elia
  • "Remote tutoring: needs, tools and experiences." Prof. R. Guidorzi
  • "Comments to Guidelines to Case Study". Prof. R. Guidorzi


1 April 1996 - 31 March 1998


NETTUNO - Network per l'Università Ovunque
France Telecom - Francia
HUT - Helsinki University of Technology, Finlandia
ENIC - Francia
University of Twente - Olanda
University of Thessaloniki - Grecia
UETP-EEE - Finlandia
Van Muylwijk Consulting - Olanda
TechNet - Finlandia