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If your goal is to earn a distance degree, the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO is what you are looking for: its educational offer (online three-year courses; online second-cycle degrees, master’s and vocational training courses) meet the most varied needs in the field university and employment.

A global leading university in distance education, the online teaching proposed by UNINETTUNO is a guarantee of quality, professionalism and innovation. Actually, our University was awarded the “International E-Learning Award 2014”, as Runner-up for the best e-learning portal at global level.

Earning an online degree – whose title is recognized by the Ministry of Education, University and Research – in our University is a synonym for prestige and attention towards the future.
Below you find detailed information on our online educational offer, regrouped according to the type of online educational courses being delivered:

First-Cycle Degree

In this area are listed the Faculties and the relative First-Cycle Degree Courses:

- Economics Faculty

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- Law Faculty - Engineering Faculty - Cultural Heritage Faculty - Psychology Faculty - Communications Science Faculty

Second-Cycle Degree Courses

In this area are listed the Faculties and the relative Second-Cycle Degree Courses:

- Economics Faculty

- Engineering Faculty - Psychology Faculty


In this section you find a list of all the post-graduate Master’s Courses run by our University and that are delivered based on the same psycho-pedagogical model used for the Degree courses:

Professional Training Courses

In this area you find a list of the online Higher-level Education Courses aimed at Vocational Retraining:


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