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Enrolment Refugees and Immigrants

The International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, based on an idea of its Rector, Prof. Maria Amata Garito, developed in 2016 the University for Refugees, to allow refugees and migrants access to the University from anywhere in the world.

This tool allows the recognition of the academic careers already completed by refugees and migrants in their countries of origin, and the recognition of their professional skills to facilitate their access to the degree, master’s program and vocational training courses of our University.

This is the first tool in the world, realized in English, French, Italian and Arabic, that grants access to the university to refugees and immigrants for the continuation of their studies and that allows them the enrollment in vocational training and re-training courses also to study the languages of the different host countries. This initiative also promotes language and culture courses of the Arab World among the citizens of the host countries and the knowledge of the regulations and laws that govern their mutual rights and duties.

UNINETTUNO also made available study grants to allow the free enrolment in university courses to refugee and asylum seeker students.

If you are interested in accessing the services offered by the University for Refugees, connect to the portal: