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Enrolment on single modules

For needs related to study programmes, to competitions, upgrading and vocational training it is possible, for those possessing study title valid to be admitted to university studies, to enrol on single modules, included in study courses implemented at the University and acquire the corresponding credits, with no obligation to enrol on study course issuing an academic title.

The attendance to single modules is no equivalent to enrolling on a degree course of the University and, therefore, is compatible with a concurrent enrolment to a regular degree, master’s, doctorate course in another University. The enrolment on a single module is not allowed if the involved student is already enrolled on degree course at UNINETTUNO.
The concurrent enrolment to more than one modules of the same or of different Faculties of the University is possible also by submitting a single application. In any case, it is not possible to acquire more then 60 credits for each academic year.

By passing the exam of a single module the student can acquire the university credits envisaged for that module comprised in the educational offer of UNINETTUNO and currently implemented on the date of enrolment.

The exam for the single module can be make after the completion of the course delivery and, in any case, on the date of exam regularly fixed for the selected discipline and related to the degree course of the indicated Faculty.

The exam for the single modules must be taken and passed within twelve months from the date of enrolment; after that period of time the enrolment will no longer effective. It is possible to renew the enrolment.

The cost of enrolment is € 400.00 for each single module, it is of  € 750.00 for two modules and of € 1,000.00 for three modules.

For purchases of more than three lessons, from the fourth onwards the unit cost of each additional lesson is € 250,00

Enrolment is made according to the procedures envisaged for matriculations.