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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When can I enrol?

    The enrolment takes place through the whole year. The academic year starts from the day you enrol and has a duration equal to one solar year.

  2. How do I enrol?

    To enrol you have to connect to the Administrative Secretariat and proceed as follows:

    • Execute the new account registration. At the end of the procedure an username and a password will be generated; these are to be used in the restricted area.
    • Access the restricted area “Login” of the students' secretariat using the username and password generated by the enrolment procedure.
    • By clicking on Secretariat and subsequently on Enrol you will have to enter the data that will be requested.
    • At the end of the data input, you will be able to print the application for enrolment.

    The completed application for enrolment and the (student’s contract )have to be sent by ordinary mail to the following address:

    The International Telematic University Uninettuno
    Corso V. Emanuele II, 39
    00186 Roma.

  3. How do I ask for University Educational Credits recognition?

    Visit the following page: ECTS Credits recognition

  4. What are your examination sites?

    To find the closest location you can visit to the following page: examination centers uninettuno

  5. How do you conduct exams?

    The exams are conducted in the written form, but it is possible to ask the tutors and/or professors of the single module to pass them in the oral form in our headquarters in Rome and in some Poles of the Uninettuno University.

  6. How to study?

    The modes of learning and teaching are shown in the following page: Our method

  7. How do I sign up for the classes?

    Once you have successfully logged in to your student’s page, you can sign up for the classes by clicking on the link “My courses”. On the Uninettuno’s website you can find a detailed guide on the navigation in the Didactic Cyberspace. For more information click on this link: Guidelines for Navigating into the Didactic Cyberspace [pdf]

  8. When it is possible to sign up for the classes of the single modules?

    It is possible to make a registration for the classes within 30 days of the course’s delivery start (periods during which the teaching is assisted by a coordinator/tutor).

  9. Where it is possible to control the delivery and exams periods?

    The delivery periods and the periods of the related exam are published on-line in the section Calendar of courses

  10. How can I register for exams?

    You can register for exams, for one of the available locations, using your own restricted area in Administrative Secretariat , in the section “Exams”.

  11. Where can I view the student’s record book?

    The student’s record book online is available in the restricted area in the Administrative Secretariat , in the section “Exams”.

  12. Where can I find the forms for the thesis request?

    The necessary forms to request for the final exam assignment is available on the page“Students – Thesis” where you can find the Thesis Rules for each Faculty.

  13. I can not fill in the questionnaire of evaluation required for the exam admission.

    To fill in the questionnaire, you have to be authenticated with web browser to e-mail account of the University.

  14. How can I change the password of my student’s account?

    The password can be changed through the Student Secretariat section, which is located on our website: from the home page it is possible to enter in the restricted area to the Enrolment, from the left side menu you have to select the item “Enrolment”, and then “Administrative Secretariat”.
    Once you have logged in you can proceed with the password change.
    Remember that the e-mail password is the same one that used to access to the didactic cyberspace.


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