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Welcome Area

The starting point of all your learning activities


Have you just matriculated?

If you are a fresher, in the days following your enrolment, please check the e-mails you will receive on your University e-mail account: University e-mail account: among them, we will provide you with an invitation link to “UNINETTUNO Welcome Club" Team through which you will be able to participate live in the interactive orientation classes, carried out on a shared screen, and watch its recording at any time

In this Team you will have all the support you need to move nimbly within the UNINETTUNO Platform, to plan your exams effectively and to manage your university pathway in the best possible way.
While waiting to meet you in the "UNINETTUNO Welcome Club" Team, on this page you can find some useful information, links and documents for your first days of enrolment.

Uninettuno e-mail account:

Your UNINETTUNO mailbox works on gmail, has the extension and can be accessed through the following link
Enter the username you were given at the time of enrolment and the password you generated in the pre-enrolment phase.

You must always use your University mailbox to communicate with Tutors and Secretariats.

Uninettuno - Microsoft Teams account:

Your Teams account is your Uninettuno mail account; Teams is the interactive communication tool you will use to carry out orientation, to participate in Interactive Classes and to keep in touch with Uninettuno.

You will need Teams to participate in the Interactive Classes of Welcome and Student Orientation organised by Anika Pisanello.
You will be accompanied, step by step, in understanding the specificities of your Cyberspace, to understand how to study at UNINETTUNO, to better organise your academic year and to receive support at any time.

Welcome Area Contacts:

Responsible for Reception, Orientation and Student Support:

Anika Pisanello


Guidelines for Navigating into the Web-based Didactic


Glossario - Uninettuno words

We prepared a glossary of UNINETTUNO-specific terms to help you find your way around new words and concepts. You can browse it from this link.


Frequently asked questions

You can access Frequently asked question by clicking HERE


Let’s browse the Platform

Teaching Activities Planning

Teaching Activities Planning: Where you can find the course delivery periods and their respective exam sessions, with the dates on which the exam sessions will be scheduled.

Exam schedule

Exam schedule: Where you will find all the dates of the exam sessions and booking timeframes. You will receive all relevant information about each exam directly in your UNINETTUNO mailbox.

Teaching Activities Schedule

Teaching Activities Schedule: Where, for each Faculty, you find all the times of the interactive classes and of the tutor’s reception sessions

Virtual Library

Virtual Library: The area in which search educational materials in a quick and intelligent way.


The page including all information to receive your Certificates.