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Contract with the student

This version of the contract with the student was approved by the Board of Directors of the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO (henceforth also only the University) on the 11th  December 2020 and is effective as of the 1st January 2021.
The present contract regulates the relationship between the University and the students enrolled in the distance study courses; together with the Charter of the Services and the University Didactic Rules.


The International Telematic University UNINETTUNO is a non-profit institutions and, as a non-state university, legally recognized and authorized to award university degrees having legal value, it contributes to the achievement of the public purposes set forth in articles 3 and 34 of the Constitution; it operates, according to art. 1 of the law dated the 29th  July 1991 no. 243, within the norms of article 33, last paragraph, of the Constitution and the laws concerning it, as well as the general principles of the legislation on university matters as far as they are compatible.

In compliance with the statutory and organizational autonomy recognized to universities in general, the Decree of the President of the Republic of the 25th July 1997 no. 306 "Regulation containing discipline in the matter of university fees" attributes to non-state universities the right to autonomously establish, through their own regulatory activity, the enrolment fees and university fees for all courses of study implemented.

The amounts requested from students by way of fees or specific contributions do not represent a payment for opposing services, but an individual contribution to cover the cost of the services offered by the University for the realization of the aforementioned public purposes (so-called "contribution per student"), as expressly provided for by law (Article 2 of the Decree of the President of the Republic No. 306 of July 25, 1997 and Article 1, paragraph 252 of Law No. 232 of December 11, 2016). All amounts with payment methods and cases of exemption are published on the University website.

Art.1 – Nature and purpose of the contract

The present contract, the whereas of which is an essential part of it, is provided for by art. 4 of the Ministerial Decree of the 17th April 2003 [“Gazzetta Ufficiale” n. 98 of the 29th April 2003]. It represents the formal act by which the student accepts the services offered by the distance study course he has chosen, which the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO provides in compliance with the general requirements of the technical annex of the above-mentioned Ministerial Decree and with the specific requirements contained in the Charter of the Services and in the Teaching Regulations of the University, both published on the University website.

The contract also regulates the modes of termination of the relationship upon the student's request and guarantees the completion of his educational cycle.

Art. 2 - Grant of the right to study

The University guarantees the right to study of every student enrolled in its distance learning courses, committing itself to organize and provide educational services according to the methods, curricula and rules established in the Charter of the Services, and to respect the teaching methodology adopted and the service levels offered.

The University guarantees that the teaching material has been certified by a special commission composed of university professors and that the student's evaluation will take place through learning assessments carried out by university professors and researchers. Assessments are normally held at the University's offices, unless otherwise decided.

The University guarantees the issuing of degrees as per art. 3 of Ministerial Decree of the 22nd  October 2004 n. 270, committing itself to maintain the accreditation of its distance learning courses according to the criteria, requirements and procedures provided for by the Ministerial Decree of the 17th April 2003.

Art. 3 - Description of the services and guarantee of their usability

The University is committed to providing online educational activities and supports to the student, in relation to the distance learning course chosen by the latter, described in the Charter of the Services and in the Dossier of Technological Solutions, namely: Educational Services, Information Services, Tutoring Services, Intelligent Library Services, Orientation Services, Administrative Secretariat Services, Research Services.

The University guarantees maximum flexibility in the use of distance learning courses, allowing the student both the selection of the maximum number of annual credits that can be earned and the distribution of these credits over a multi-year period.

The University guarantees access to educational services to students with disabilities, committing itself to adopt the measures provided for in the University Didactic Rules and in the Charter of the Services and to keep them updated according to technological standards.

The University undertakes to maintain the availability of online training activities and supports in a systematic way, in continuity and without interruptions.

Art. 4 - Description of the technological solutions and guarantee of usability

The student has access to the educational services and training and information supports of the chosen distance education course through the following tools: Interactive Classroom, e-Learning Platform, Web Portal.
The University guarantees that these tools, consistent with the provisions of Art. 3 of the Ministerial Decree of April 17, 2003, are characterized by:

  1. the use of a Web-based connection for the use of learning materials and the development of learning activities based on interactivity with teachers/tutors and with other students;
  2. the use of the personal computer, possibly supplemented by other interfaces and devices as the main tool for participation in the learning process;
  3. a high degree of independence of the learning path from constraints of physical presence or specific timetable;
  4. the use of standard educational content, interoperable and modularly organized, customizable with respect to the characteristics of the end users and the delivery paths;
  5. continuous monitoring of the level of learning, both through the tracing of the path and through frequent moments of evaluation and self-evaluation.

Art. 5 - University fees and other contributions, exemptions and renunciation of studies

The University establishes the beginning of each academic year the University Fees and other contributions due by the student for the chosen course of study.
In cases provided for by law (Art. 6 of Decree of the President of the Republic of July 25, 1997 n. 306, Art. 9 Legislative Decree of March 29, 2012 n. 68 and the Geneva Convention of July 28, 1951, ratified by Italy with Law n. 722 of July 24, 1954) the student is granted total exemption from university fees or, on the basis of specific agreements, the University may establish partial exemption of the student from this contribution.

In accordance with the Royal Decree of the 4th June 1938 n. 1269, the student must pay to the University the university fees and other contributions: annual enrollment in the degree course, transfer to another university, profit examinations, graduation examination, renunciation of studies; the relative amounts are published on the University website; (

A student who is not compliant with his payments cannot be admitted to examinations, nor can he be enrolled in the following year of the course, nor can he obtain any certificate relating to his school career in the part to which the payment loss refers, nor finally can he obtain a leave of absence to transfer to another university.

Pursuant to Article 27 of the above-mentioned Royal Decree, a student who has obtained enrollment in a year of a university course is not entitled, under any circumstances, to a refund of the fees and contributions paid.

The student, at any time, may terminate the contractual relationship with the University by notifying the secretariat of his renunciation of studies.

The renunciation determines the loss of the student's status and cancel his career, without prejudice to the credits acquired; therefore, the student may obtain the certificate relative to the previous career, regularly completed, integrated by the annotation attesting to the renunciation of studies.

Art. 6 - The student’s engagement

Students engage to fully respecting the University didactic rules, the didactic rules and regulations, as well as the Charter of the Services and the "Code of Ethics", in order to achieve their educational and professional goals within the framework of the chosen study plan.

The student who intends to take the exam for a course is required, before booking the exam, to fill in the "Student Opinion" questionnaire. The submission of the questionnaire is a mandatory condition for booking the exam. The University guarantees that the data will be used anonymously.

The student undertakes to follow the lessons, the exercises, the seminars and in general all the teaching activities organized by the University for the basic program of the Course of Studies.
A student who has interrupted his studies without having formally renounced them cannot enroll in another university.

Art. 7 - Integration of services for special users

In order to meet the needs related to mobility disabilities, the University guarantees access to the classroom in Piazza Grazioli 17 in Rome (Italy). In order to meet the needs of the visually impaired, the University guarantees access to a workstation for the visually impaired (Braille) at Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 39, Rome (Italy).

Art. 8 - Duration

The duration of this contract is equal to the student's stay at the University: until the completion of the course of study or its renunciation. The academic year begins on the day of the first enrollment and lasts one calendar year.