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Resignation from Studies

The student, who is compliant with all administrative obligations, can terminate his university career before obtaining the final study title, by expressing to the Rector, clearly, explicitly, unconditionally and with no terms or clauses that may restrict its effectiveness, his will to resign from his studies.
The resigning student is not entitled to any reimbursement of any fees and contributions paid and, in any case,  he has to pay the whole contribution provided that he attended some lessons, carried out some work in the platform, took exams and benefited from the services supplied by the University during the period preceding his resignation.  
The student can receive certificates referring to his previous, regularly made career including a note certifying his resignation to studies. The resignation involves losing the status of student and terminates the career, but for any acquired credits.
The student who interrupted his studies without submitting a resignation form and who wishes to resume them, has to make an application asking for a reunification procedure. The administration department will see to make the calculation of the university fees that the student will have to pay to resume his academic career.

For enquiries about resignation procedures please contact: