Online exams

Following the measures taken by the Council of the Ministers with the Law-Decree of the 23rd February 2020, n° 6 (Decreto Legge 23 febbraio 2020, n. 6) aimed at preventing the spreading of the Covid-19 (New Coronavirus), for precautionary reasons, all face-to-face teaching activities were cancelled.

As done for the discussion of the graduation theses in the interactive classrooms, UNINETTUNO is putting in place a system for organizing oral exams, likewise through interactive classrooms linked to the individual disciplines and to lecturers of these subjects.

If the students do not want to take their exams in this mode, they may wait until the end of the emergency period to sit for the exam at the Technological Poles or in Rome’s premises in the usual face-to-face written mode.

Procedure for document checking of students

Modes for performing distance exams

The exam will be carried on in the oral form.
At the date of publication of the schedules, the student will connect to the Interactive Classroom related to the module for which he is going to take the exam.

For instruction on how to install Teams, click here

For instruction on how to set up Teams, click here

The camera will have to frame the student’s face and, at the same time, it will have to frame the photograph and the data of his identity document (Identity Card or Passport) in a clear and visible way. The student can also sent the lecturer (using the relative UNINETTUNO e-mail account) his document via e-mail from his own UNINETTUNO e-mail account.

The Exam Commission will be composed of at least two lecturers who will connect to the interactive class both in audio or video mode, failure to do so, the exam will be deemed void.

Acceptance/Non-acceptance of the exam grade

Starting from the session of July 2020, it will no longer be required to the student the submission of an acceptance/non acceptance e-mail to the Exam Commission in order to record the grade.

Actually, at the conclusion of each exam the Commission will communicate the result to the candidate and immediately after the session, the professor will post the results of the exams to the Administrative Secretariat.

The students will have five days from the date of publication of the grade to access their own restricted area in the Administrative Secretariat to accept or refuse the grade.

If the student does not proceed to accept or refuse the grade in the restricted area of the Administrative Secretariat within five days, the result will be automatically considered as accepted and will be recorded in the electronic career records booklet.