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UNINETTUNO University provides for the acknowledgement of ECTS training credits, whether they are University Training Credits (ECTS credits) – resulting from previous certified study paths, even if not completed – or credits resulting from work and professional activities.
The credits acquired during a study path can be acknowledged for further studies in other paths; therefore, the acknowledgement of university training credits is allowed.
Once the application for credits acknowledgement has been submitted, the Board of Directors of UNINETTUNO will deliberate as it regards the relative acknowledgement for specific professional categories. These deliberations will be published as soon as they are approved.

The acknowledgement of University Training Credits must be always submitted, through a special application form, to the Rector.
But, what is it meant by University Training Credit ? The University Credit is, we might say, the measurement unit of a student’s study.
The International Telematic University UNINETTUNO adheres to the ECT (European Credits Transfer and accumulation System), being developed since 1989 in the framework of the Erasmus European mobility program and formalized further to the Sorbonne Declaration and Bologna Process. The ECTS system is based on the workload required to the student to attain the objectives of a study course.
In order to obtain the acknowledgement of 1 training credit the student has to carry on 25 hours of study activity and, depending on the structuring of the courses delivery model, UNINETTUNO establishes that, for each delivered credit, the student has to complete the 25 hours of activities required by the ECTS model through:

  • 2 hours of video lessons and virtual classrooms – to be seen twice corresponding to a total amount of 4 hours of activities;
  • 5 hours of deepening of the training materials;
  • 10 hours of practice work and virtual laboratories;
  • 6 hours of collaborative learning sessions.

This gives a total of 25 hours of training activities.

Therefore, the credits represent a tool allowing to compare different study courses of Italian and European universities and, in addition, they allow the students to move from one university to another, in Italy or in Europe.
For each academic year, a student has to complete an established average workload of 60 credits corresponding to 1500 hours.
Consequently, in order to earn a Three-Year Degree, it is required to get 180 training credits and to earn a Second-Cycle (Master-Level) Degree, 120 training credits.

Unified Application Form for the Acknowledgement of University Training Credits download Modulo per il Riconoscimento CFU

Please submit the Unified Application Form for the Acknowledgement of University Training Credits to: cfu@uninettunouniversity.net


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