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UNINETTUNO Students’ Enrolment

Enrolment procedures

According to the Ministerial Decree of the 22nd October 2004, nr. 270 – art. 6, the admission to the Three-year Degree Courses is subject to possession of a High School Diploma or any other study title, obtained abroad, that is deemed eligible.
According to the Ministerial Decree of the 22nd October 2004, nr. 270 – art. 6, in order to be admitted to a Second-Cycle (Master Level) Degree Course, it is required to possess a three-year degree or a university diploma or another study diploma, obtained abroad, deemed eligible.
The concurrent enrolment in more than one Universities or in more than one study courses of the same University is not allowed, with the exception of our partnering Italian and foreign Universities with which double titles are delivered.
The enrolment at the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO can be fulfilled only through our online procedure. It is necessary to have an e-mail account that will be asked for upon enrolment.

In order to access the matriculation procedure it is necessary to act as follows:

  1. Enter the Administrative Secretariat
  2. Execute the new account registration through the system guided procedure. At the end of the procedure a username and a password will be generated; these are to be used in the restricted area.
  3. Access the restricted area of the students' secretariat using the username and password generated by the enrolment procedure.
  4. Execute the online matriculation procedure entering the data that will be required. When all data are entered, you will be asked which payment mode you prefer. It is possible to pay the matriculation fee by online payment by credit card or by bank transfer. Please check the Rules for Paying University Fees.
  5. At the end of the Matriculation Procedure, the Secretariat’s system will display a “Print the Matriculation Application” button and clicking on it you will display the pre-filled-in PDF format Matriculation Application. At this point, you will have to print and sign the Matriculation Application. In addition, you will have to print and sing the Contract with the Student, including the Consent Collection on the Treatment of Personal Data and, if you applied for credits acknowledgement, you will have to submit the signed credits acknowledgement form.
  6. In order to complete your matriculation, you will have to submit to UNINETTUNO:
    • The duly-signed matriculation application;
    • The duly-signed Contract with the Student;
    • Copy of identity document;
    • Copy of fiscal code card or health insurance card;
    • The duly-signed Credits form (if you applied for credits acknowledgement);
    • Copy of the bank transfer (if you selected this payment mode).
    • You can submit the documentation:
      - via certified e-mail (pec – posta elettronica certificata) to:info@pec.uninettunouniversity.net
      - via regular mail, to the :
      • Students Secretariat of the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO,
        Corso V. Emanuele II, 39
        00186 Roma ITALIA
      - going personally to:
      • Students Secretariat of the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO,
        Corso V. Emanuele II, 39
        00186 Roma ITALIA

The bank details to make the bank transfer are:

In favor of: Università Telematica Internazionale UNINETTUNO
IBAN: IT58 D030 6905 0571 0000 0002 796
BIC BCITITMM (only for bank transfers from abroad)
(bank name: IntesaSanPaolo SpA
Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, n. 152     00186 Rome IT)

We wish to remind you that in case of payment by bank transfer you will compulsorily must include the student’s name and surname into the purpose box and send the payment receipt via e-mail to: info@uninettunouniversity.net or via fax to the following number: +39 06 69207621.

The International Telematic University UNINETTUNO will acknowledge the enrolment by sending an e-mail including the matriculation number, the USER ID and the Password to access the e-Learning platform.

In case of technical problems with the matriculation procedure, do not hesitate to contact us:


Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 39
00186 Roma - ITALIA
Tax code number: 97394340588
P.IVA: 13937651001

Certified mail


Student Secretariat

tel: +39 06 692076.70
tel: +39 06 692076.71
e-mail: info@uninettunouniversity.net


Library 1st floor:
Meeting Room 5th floor:

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