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Regulations for starting and managing an alias career

The Regulations for starting and managing an alias career were issued with the purpose of granting female and male students undergoing gender transition the possibility of living in a serene study environment, that cares about the protection of privacy and about the dignity of the individual, fit to promote interpersonal relationships.

The starting of an alias career can be requested by anybody who began a psychological path and wishes to use a name other than his/her registered one.

An “alias career” entails a different identity connected to the registered one, valid only within the University, that enables the female or male student undergoing gender transition to be able to attend the courses on an inclusive basis and in the respect of the new chosen identity.

The concerned people must send a written application to the following e-mail address carriera.alias@uninettunouniversity.net  using the  "Application for Starting an Alias Career" form.

The application will have to be accompanied by a documentation suitable to prove the existence of a gender dysphoria, issued by a mental health board, center or specialist. The Secretariat will transmit the application and documentation to the Rector’s delegate.

If the application is accepted by the Rector’s delegate, a “Confidentiality Agreement for an Alias Career” will be signed and the Secretariat will start an alias career in accordance with the rules laid down by the Regulations.


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