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UNINETTUNO Online Vocational Training and Retraining Courses

UNINETTUNO University is strongly persuaded that training and retraining should be meant as a forma mentis and not as a mere routine to which often professionals feels compelled to.
Those who choose one of the online vocational training courses implemented by our University are interested in change, growth, in the development of their own competences and is keen and open to innovations. The students enrolled in our online retraining courses prove to accept the idea, according to which the professional life of all of us should always be bound to improvement.

All online training and retraining courses implemented by our University move in that direction. They include several fields: law, educational sciences, journalism, energy and many others.

The method used for delivering the online vocational training and retraining courses is the one based on UNINETTUNO’s psycho-pedagogic model envisaging virtual classes and multimedia and interactive materials made available to the students enrolled. In this case too, a teacher-tutor will support the enrolled students in their learning and self-assessment process.

Below you will find the full list of all the courses implemented by the University, including information on programs, objectives and all you need to choose the vocational training or retraining courses that suits you best.