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Continuing Medical Education – CME

Educazione Continua in Medicina – ECM

“Social Media and New Dependencies”

Target audience

All social operators or psychologists who have a deontological obligation and/or the will to keep and enhance their professional expertise by updating it and taking part in continuing professional training activities.


Offering a comprehensive view on the Internet addiction disorder by highlighting the deep roots of this dysfunctional behavior from a psychological and psychiatric perspective. A section of the course will be devoted to the adolescence developmental phase. More specifically, the course relies on four knowledgeable professionals as lecturers, having a deep clinical experience in managing emerging problems linked to the overuse of social media and to gambling disorder, also from a clinical perspective.
At the end of the course, the learners will have acquired a “cross-border” knowledge on which they will rely in order to reshape their approach to the patient in their daily practice/p>

Course duration

The course includes 8 video lessons

Acknowledged credits

Upon course completion 8 (ECM) training credits will be acknowledged.


The course will deal with 8 issues:

  1. The Self in adolescence
  2. The dynamics of adolescence
  3. Integrative models for a psychobiology of the tendency to gambling
  4. Psychobiological mechanisms of the new behavioral dependencies
  5. Neuropsychological mechanisms of behavioral dependencies: Pathological Gambling Disorder (PGD)
  6. Internet addiction. IAD, the state of the art
  7. Mind’s threshold conditions in adolescence and dependencies – First part
  8. Mind’s threshold conditions in adolescence and dependencies – Second part

Enrolment fees:

100,00 Euro


The course scientific supervisor is prof. Massimo Ammaniti, honorary professor for the M-PSI/07 area at the University of Rome “Sapienza”.

Enrolment procedure

Enrolments can be made exclusively on the Internet through the Administrative Secretariat of the portal and following the procedure specified on the “Enrolment” section..
Payments can be made online by credit card or by bank transfer or postal service.

Attendance certificate

At the end of the course attendance period an attendance certificate will issued which will be valid for the acknowledgement of the relative training credits.

For further information

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