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At the Communication Sciences Faculty of our University you will be earn a three-year (bachelor-level) degree (Class L-20), enrolling for the Degree Course in Communication Sciences, which is structured on two paths:

The study program proposed by our Faculty for both paths deals with the media environment in their complexity, thus meeting the needs arising from a wide variety of professional contexts.  Today media are an interconnected system, ruled by converging (technological, economic-productive, narrative) trends and continuously evolving due to the digitization of the communication processes. In order to study of communication languages and digital technologies, you have to implement strategies of comparison and integration among the theoretical disciplines of the humanities and sociological-mass-mediology area and disciplines having a more technical-operation character.
By means of the videolessons of internationally renowned lecturers, supplemented by paper-format and multimedia training materials, exercises, virtual classrooms and other analysis, more-in-depth study and assessment tools, the students of the three-year degree course in Communication Sciences Faculty are continuously supported by tutors, researchers and area professors along their path in a continuous and stimulating exchange based on interactivity.

Three-year Degree Course

Communication Sciences -  Class L-20

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