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International Research Center
CAST - Catholicism and Audiovisual Studies

Master a distanza in Global Journalism

The International Research Centre CAST, which was established within the UNINETTUNO Faculty of Communication Sciences in the academic year 2020-2021, was created with the aim of strengthening a rapidly growing research strand on the relationship between Catholicism and audiovisuals. CAST intends to nurture an international inter-university network and a cross-sector strategic partnership on issues that today appear to be increasingly at the center of academic and cultural interests and of the attentions of operators in the audio-visual sector.

The opening of CAST was born with the intention of establishing a research area within which to deepen and debate the issues related to the study of the relationship between Catholicism and audio-visuals in an international and multidisciplinary perspective. UNINETTUNO, with its strong international vocation and its congenital "networked" structure, appears to be the ideal place to promote a Centre that, in addition to supporting specific research, fosters the development of an academic network able to open a debate on the epistemological statutes of the research strand and to stimulate new study line, while developing a debate on teaching models.

- The president and scientific director of the CAST is the prof. Dario Edoardo Viganò.
- The CAST's scientific director and coordinator is the prof. Gianluca della Maggiore.

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