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UNINETTUNO Online Communication Science Faculty

UNINETTTUNO Online Faculty of Communication Sciences offer a three-year (bachelor-level) degree in Communication Sciences, of which, in this section, it is possible to consult the full study program.

This degree courses is based on an interdisciplinary model, complying with international standards and that goes beyond the traditional academic approach, based on the separation among different fields of knowledge.
The model proposed by our Faculty of Communication Sciences deals with the media environment in their multifaceted settings. Today media are an interconnected system, ruled by converging (technological, economic-productive, narrative) trends gathered under the notion of cross-media (as defined by the European Union ACTEN 2004 document). In order to study mass communication media and new technologies, you have to implement strategies of comparison among the different disciplines – including cinema, television, photography, theatre, music, contemporary art, territory sociology, Italian literature) thus designing truly interdisciplinary paths.

By means of the videolessons of internationally renowned lecturers, supplemented by multimedia training materials, exercises, virtual classrooms and other analysis, more-in-depth study and assessment tools, the students of the Communication Sciences Faculty are continuously supported by tutors, researchers and area professors along their path in a continuous and stimulating exchange based on interactivity, regardless of the fact that they live in Rome, Tunis, Athens or in any other place of the world.

Three-year Degree Course

Communication Sciences -  Class L-20

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