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Welcome to the area of the University Course Offerings.
In this area you find a list of the accredited University Degree Courses and of the implemented University Degree courses for the different Faculties of the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO. Display the Curricula clicking on the name of the selected University Degree Course.
You will get a list of the Subjects that are included into the selected Curriculum, the Video Professors, the Area Professors and the Tutors who willl assist you during the subject delivery period. Clicking on the subject name, you will find the Course Programme; clicking, instead, on the names of the Video Professors, Professor and Tutors, you will find their Curriculum Vitae.  
For each University Degree Course that is implemented in the Faculties of the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, once you get enrolled, you will able to access the relative Didactic Cyberspace, the virtual space where you will be able to develop your learning processes and use the didactic materials that will help you along your educational path. Choose your University Degree Course and enrol - through theon-line procedure - or request more information at Secretariat
New three-year university degree courses: option to move from the old regulations (Min. Decree 509/99) to the new regulations (Min. Decree 270/04): Starting from 2009-2010 academic year the students enrolled in the three-year University Degree Courses, as per Min. Decree 509/99, can opt for the newly implemented three-year University Courses established by the Min. Decree 270/04. Their academic career will be assessed by a special Commission that shall state which ECTS credits will be acknowledged and which supplementary credits will have to be obtained for the completion of the entire training path.


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