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UNINETTUNO Online Economics Faculty

Presidenza Economia
Preside: Prof. Marco De Marco
Vicepreside: Prof. Alberto Romolini
Segreteria di Facoltà
Raffaele Carracoy, Barbara Fiaccavento
tel: +39 06 692076.50

The educational offer of UNINETTUNO Economics Faculty provides a Three-Year Degree Course (Bachelor-evel) as well as a Second-Cycle (Master-level) Course.
The Three-year Degree Course is in Economics and Business Management, for the L-18 Class of the Ministerial Decree nr. 270/2004 of the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR).
In line with the aims of the reform and in order to meet the more and more demanding requirements of the labor market, the Degree Course of Economics and Business Management  (CLEGI) is structured according to several paths:

The economic sciences students will be able to choose the path that suits him best by assessing the specific objectives state in each study program. In this page it is possible to consult all of them and see the teachers’ names and the final objectives.

Instead, the second-cycle degree course in Business Management and Digital Technologies, lasting two years, is mainly aimed at training a professional profile capable of effectively responding to the multiple changes introduced by the digital revolution linked to the Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in the various economic sectors such as the industrial, the services and public administration ones.

The student who will have completed the second-cycle degree course in Business Management and Digital Technologies, will actually master all the tools to deal with the automated management of company data, of the techniques for mobile and social e-commerce, of the use of technologies for online advertising and sale of products and services, of the supply chains management, of smart logistics, of the model for e-government and many other things.

Three-year Degree Courses

Economics and Business Management

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Second-Cycle Degree Courses

Business management and digital technologies - Classe LM - 77

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