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Master in European Law and Policies

State: Active
Scientific coordinator: Prof. Pier Virgilio Dastoli (Head of the Office of the EC Representation in Italy from 2003 to 2009)
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Scientific Committee

  • Prof. Beniamino Caravita di Toritto - Public Law, Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Rome “La Sapienza” Professor at the Faculty of Law of International Telematic University UNINETTUNO
  • Dr. Pier Virgilio Dastoli - Head of the Office of the European Commission Representation in Italy 2003-2009. President of European Movement (Italy) Principal Advisor of European Commission (Belgium)
  • Dr. Emilio De Capitani - Former Secretary of the European Parliamentary Commission on Citizens’ Freedoms and Rights, Justice and Internal Affairs (Belgium). Visiting Professor of History and Policy of the european Integration, Department of Human and Social Sciences, "L'Orientale", University of Naples (Italy). Secretary of the Fundamental Rights European Experts Group, FREE Group (Belgium)
  • Prof. Alessandro Fusacchia - Institutes d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (France)
  • Prof. Maria Amata Garito - Rector of the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO Full Professor of Psycho-technologies, Faculty of Psychology, University of Rome “La Sapienza” (Italy)
  • Prof. Sandro Gozi - College of Europe (Belgium) and Sciences Po (France). Member of the Italian Parliament
  • Prof. Eligio Resta - Full Professor of Philosophy of Law at the University of Roma Tre, International Telematic University UNINETTUNO (Rome - Italy)
  • Prof. Luis Rodríguez-Roselló - Head of Unit, “Network Technologies” Directorate General “Communication Networks, Content and Technology”, European Commission (Belgium)
  • Prof. Antonella Valmorbida - Director of Association of the Local Democracy Agencies, Council of Europe (France). Associate Professor in International decentralised cooperation, Faculty of Political Science, University of Padova (Italy)
  • Prof. Vincenzo Zeno-Zencovich - Full Professor of Comparative Law, Faculty of Law, University of Roma Tre (Italy). Rector of the LUSPIO University (Italy)



The aims of this distance learning Master  in European Law and Policies is to train an interdisciplinary professional profile of an expert in European law and policies providing him operational and professional skills enabling him to participate in the various stages of the drafting and implementation of the European policies. The educational and training tools necessary to achieve this objective will be provided in a multi-disciplinary perspective.

This multi-disciplinary educational approach is strictly coherent with the aim of supplying students with skills suited to the trans-national dimension of these issues.

Educational Structure

The Master lasts one academic year corresponding to a total amount of 60 credits ECTS organized into video lessons, seminars, exercises, videoconferences, tutoring and research activities.

The Master is divided into Basic Courses and Specializing Courses. The courses related to the Basic Courses are aimed at giving a general and interdisciplinary training on different aspects of the European integration process. The Specializing Courses are aimed at deepening issues connected to the main European policies and to provide students with the theoretical-practical instruments required for a full understanding of the decision-making processes of the various European institutional actors. The Master supplies as well a significant insight into the issue linked to Euro-Design which is entrusted to a qualified expert in this field.

The courses are delivered by video professors who are assisted by qualified tutors who will support online, in the Didactic Cyberspace, the students along their entire training path. Each course ends with a final evaluation test whose results contribute in establishing the admission grade to discuss the course end thesis. The final thesis will deal with a subject previously agreed upon with the professor of the chosen subject.

This highly qualified teaching staff, includes renowned university professors, European institutions’ officials, experts and other personalities of international prestige.
Upon completion of the Master's advanced education activities there will be the delivery of training periods at European and international institutions.

Requisites for admission to the Master

This Master is addressed to European and non-European students who have a university degree.


The didactic activity on the Internet unfolds in the Web-based macro-area, called the Didactic Cyberspace. In the Didactic Cyberspace the learning and development process is implemented and access profiles are diversified through customized logins and passwords based on the three different roles played by the actors of the learning process: Professors, Tutors and Students. These three categories of users can edit or replace training materials and add new ones for the whole course delivery period, whereas the student has at his disposal an area where he can enter data, information and personal notes.
The student can access:
- the Page of the Appointed Teaching Professor
- the Page of the Tutor.
On these pages there are the Learning Environments where is possible to access:

Didactic Materials which represent the course contents:
Digitized video lessons including bookmarks allowing for hypertextual and multimedia linking to books, selected bibliographical references, texts of the exercises, lists of selected websites. The system of dynamic bookmarks gives the Internet-based video lessons a hypertextual character allowing different levels of navigation: from one lesson to the other one, among subjects of a single lesson, between the materials referring to the same subject.
Distance Tutoring:
the students enrolled in the Master will be assisted in every step of their study path by Telematic Professors-Tutors. The Telematiac Professor-Tutor, represents a guide as well as a constant presence along the Learning Process.
The distance Tutoring activities may be carried out in two ways:
- in a synchronic manner, by using chats, videochats, video and audio-conferencing, implemented in the Didactic Cyberspace, but also the three-dimensional classroom created on the UTIU Island of knowledge on Second Life.
- in a diachronic manner, through tools such as e-mail and discussion forums on the Internet. The discussion forums, related to the topics of a given teaching subject, enable to enlarge dialogue and trigger a collaborative learning and give the opportunity for autonomous thinking on the issue being discussed and on the study activities carried on.

The virtual classroom in UNINETTUNO Island of Knowledge on Second Life
On UNINETTUNO (International Telematic University) Island of Knowledge we realised a 3D Auditorium devoted to the Master. In this environment the students and professors/tutors’ avatars interact in the three-dimensional world of UNINETTUNO by their voice. Practice work, assessment tests and videoconferences with the protagonists of the European Union attending through their avatars are carried out, as well as real-time practice activities guided by the professors/tutors’ avatars.
In the virtual classroom of Second Life on the UNINETTUNO Island of Knowledge the students and the professors/tutors teach and learn in a collaborative and cooperative way; they build and share knowledge with people belonging to different political, cultural and religious settings, they dialogue, cultural differences are confronted, socialization processes are implemented as well as the creation of new knowledge.

End-users and Requirements

The Master European Law and Policies is aimed at all students holding a university degree wishing to enhance their specific knowledge of the dynamics regulating the implementation of Community activities especially in a juridical and administrative perspective. In particular, thanks to the inclusion, in the new editions, of a module on Euro-Design, the Master can train new experts in this field and transfer the competences required to create a professional profile capable of identifying and obtaining European funds in the framework of the Commission’s official programmes. The Master represents a very good opportunity for training and vocational re-training for operators working in NGOs, in private companies, consulting firms, Ministries and other public bodies at local and national level. A good knowledge of at least two foreign languages is required.

How to enroll

You can enroll directly on the Internet site through the: Administrative Secretariat filling in the specific online form and paying the relative fees by credit card or bank transfer. The online administrative form manages all administration activities related to the student’s career. The Secretariat will acknowledge enrolment sending an e-mail including matriculation number, User ID and Password.

Enrolment fees

The enrolment fees for the Master are 2500€ .


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