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Psychology faculty

For 2015/2016 academic year the Psychology Faculty runs:

Three-year Degree Course

The Three-year Degree Course in Psychosocial Disciplines based on the L-24 Class of the Min. Decree 270/04 of the Ministry of the University and Research (MIUR). This Degree Course is aimed at delivering theoretical and operational basics of general, social and developmental psychology, of survey methodologies, of statistical methods and of computer-based procedures for data processing, of the mechanisms on which behavior is based, of the dynamics of human relations.

Psychosocial Disciplines

Course Description
Study program
Regulations of the Study Course (italian)
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Second-Cycle Degree Course

The Second-Cycle Degree in Cognitive Processes and Technologies, adopting an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the mind-brain system, of the man-machine interaction and of human interaction in the new social environments, integrates technological and cognitive approaches allowing to gain a deeper insight into human action focusing the training provision and other training activities mainly on multimedia educational aspects and on man-machine interaction.


Cognitive Processes and Technologies – Class LM-51


Course Description
Cognitive Processes and Technologies (exhausted)
Indirizzo: Human Computer Interaction and e-learning
Indirizzo: Tecnologie di supporto clinico alla persona
Indirizzo: Social media and communication

The graduates will acquire knowledge and theoretical and applicative skills concerning:

  • The interdisciplinary approach to the study of mind and behavior of organisms in the man-machine new interaction contexts and in the new social interaction environments;
  • The study of language from scientific (linguistic, psychological) perspective as well as from a technological perspective (techniques of language processing);

All the students who obtained a three-year or five-year degree can enroll for the Second-Cycle Degree in “Cognitive Processes and Technologies”.
All those who, after completion of their study path, intend to work as professional psychologists or psycho-therapists and take the exam for qualifying for these professions and accessing to the Psychologists’ Association, have to possess a three-year degree corresponding to the L-24 or L-34 class or a second-cycle degree corresponding to the LM-51 or 58/S class. Otherwise, all students possessing a three-year or a second-cycle degree or a five-year degree non corresponding to the L-24, L-34, LM-51 AND 58/S or equivalent classes, if they intend to work as professional psychologists or psycho-therapists and therefore take the exam for qualifying for these professions and accessing to the Association of Psychologists, have to settle their training debit taking some exams in psychological disciplines at our University to get the following minimal allocation of entry credits:

  • 44 ECTS among the M-PSI/01, M-PSI/02, M-PSI/03 sectors
  • 36 ECTS among the M-PSI/04, M-PSI/05, M-PSI/06 sectors
  • 10 ECTS among the M-PSI/07, M-PSI/08 sectors