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Foundation Year

Face-to- face lessons at the BSBI Berlin Campus:
Potsdamer Straße 180-182
10783 Berlin, Germany

The UNINETTUNO University “Foundation Year” was conceived for international students who need to complete their basic education in order to access to Bachelor in Business Management at UNINETTUNO.
The program is in line with the procedure of the italian Ministry of Higher Education.
The program will be delivered face-to-face in BSBI Berlin campus, and is held in English language and primarily addresses to international students with different academic systems. Candidates may apply for the “Foundation Year” UNINETTUNO/Berlin School of Business and Innovation – BSBI even if they already have the twelve years of scholarity necessary to enrol, but wish to improve their educational or linguistic competences.
Students who successfully complete the program will be accepted to Bachelor in Business Management. No modules will be exempted for the Bachelor program.
The duration of the program is one academic year, with a total amount of about 1.500 hours of didactic activities (classroom activities and self-studying).

Description of the Course

This course ideal route to equip international students with the skills and knowledge required for the rigours of undergraduate study. This one-year programme is structured with a strong emphasis on the development of academic skills and also encourages active learning by engaging with relevant and contemporary issues with more opportunities as well as individual projects which enable the student to develop skills and knowledge for a chosen career and will be conducted at both BSBI and Uninettuno (online).

The provision of teaching and learning for this course will take place in well-equipped classrooms and IT Labs equipped with audio/visual support. The IT Labs are equipped with a wide range of software relevant to their studies to allow students to exercise practical aspects of the syllabus and promote a simulated working environment. The school will make relevant learning resources available to students for reference. This includes all recommended textbooks, academic journals, trade journals, magazines and online lecture materials. In addition, the campus has Wi-Fi facilities allowing students to access the Virtual Learning Environment (Canvas) which is equipped with the e-library, and online learning resources.

In this Foundation Year many of the learning activities are designed around small groups, and effective and on- going support is provided through the use of structured, targeted individual tutorials and online tutorials. The learning and teaching strategy will consist of a variety of elements such as lectures, tutorials, workshops, animated/non animated video, practical work, seminars and field trips and the assessment strategy will include individual/group reports and/or presentations, case studies, essays, open/closed book exams, portfolio development, reflective journals and experiential work based activities.


Foundation Year is developed to cater for students seeking both to secure a profession and looking for continuing professional development. They can also act as a platform for lifelong learning and provide opportunities to progress to other qualifications (QAA, 2011).


The course aims to create technically skilled, broad based candidates who think and communicate effectively, can work autonomously and in teams, and who have developed expertise around how to conduct inquiries, to carry out problem-solving and undertake detailed analyses. There is a strong concentration on the use of ICT throughout the programme.

The aims of this programme are to:

  • Foster detailed understanding of the theories, concepts, framework and practices related to finance, human resources, organisational behaviour, marketing and business environment
  • Enable students to integrate theoretical and work based learning through close collaboration between the employer community and the school.
  • Develop students’ cognitive skills in critical thinking and analysis, and the ability to use such skills for decision making and problem solving in the work place context.
  • Develop a wide range of academic and practical skills that will enhance future career and study progression.
  • Encourage students to reflect on personal experience of the working environment in relation to how personal and/or business practices can be improved.

Enable students to demonstrate a capacity for independent learning.

Course Structure

  • Introduction to the Business Environment
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Managing Financial accounting
  • Mathematics
  • German Language
  • Academic English
  • Final Dissertation

Entry Requirements

Minimum age to access the course: 17 years
IELTS 5.0 with minimum 4.5 in each component
At least 11 years of scholarity

Students must be evaluated by the Faculty of Economics for accessing to the Foundation Year.


For further information you can contact: