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Doctorate in Business Administration - DBA

Doctorate in Business Administration - DBA

In collaboration with:


Scientific Committee

  • Professor Vincent English (5ive Global Business and Education Consultants)
  • Professor Marco De Marco (International Telematic University UNINETTUNO)
  • Professor Francesca Maschio (International Telematic University UNINETTUNO)
  • Professor Marc Cashin (5ive Global Business and Education Consultants)
  • Professor Jason Palframan (5ive Global Business and Education Consultants)
  • Professor Alberto Romolini (International Telematic University UNINETTUNO)

Description of the course

A Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) is widely recognised as a prestigious qualification as a professional doctorate in Business and Management. It is considered one of the highest level of qualification available in professional management. Our course combines taught modules in advanced management theory and practice along with training in the necessary methodologies and techniques to carry out doctoral research in Business and Management. The DBA will take typically four years to complete part-time, but with the option to increase the duration if work and life commitments prove challenging to balance with your studies. Once you have successfully completed the programme, you will have the title of 'Doctor'.


The aim of our Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is to assist career professionals who wish to enhance, contribute and transform how they work. Our blended, but mostly online, approach aims to assist you to learn as you earn and apply your new knowledge into your professional practice as you proceed through the DBA.


The objective of the programme is to enhance your professional capabilities, credibility and standing, and you will contribute to practice through action research. In achieving this objective you will also participate in academic research, publishing papers and contributing to the sum of knowledge in your chosen area of research.





Introduction to doctoral studies

Innovation and creativity

People in organisations

Knowledge development and

Strategy in business

management Complexity

Change and management

Communication and decision-making

Research Methods (residential)

Third and Fourth Year

Supervision by Uninettuno academics to help and guide you through your thesis.

Programme structure

Programme structureThe Uninettuno DBA is a part-time degree that is studied on line and through one residential workshop in years 1 and 2. The DBA is delivered in 2 stages: the taught stage and the research stage.

The taught stage covers years 1 and 2 and will develop your knowledge to in management and leads to the award of MSc in Business Research. You can progress of the DBA stage when you successfully complete the MSc.

The DBAStage

This stage focusses on your independent research with the help and support of your personal supervisor. You will build in the research skills developed in your MSc and develop a doctoral thesis on an area of interest to you or on your own organisation.

The final outcome will be your viva-voce, where your work will be examined by an external examiner and you will have the opportunity to discuss your work.


The Director of the DBA programme will lead the academic content and our business mentors and academic supervisors will be available to give one-to-one direct support.


Didactic activity takes place through the Internet, in the relevant section of the portal:, the first portal in the world where teaching is delivered in six languages: Italian, English, French, Arabic, Polish and Greek. The adopted psycho-pedagogic model implements the shift:

  • the central role of the teacher to that of the student;
  • the transmission of knowledge to the building of knowledge;
  • passive and competitive learning to active and collaborative learning.

The students play an active role in their learning progress and can study whenever and wherever they wish to. In the course of their learning, the students are guided by an online tutoring system, which is able to facilitate their learning and web-based communication process and to supply them with the tools to carry out their study of their particular subject successfully.

The online tutoring is organized into classes of students, with an advanced agenda system that is able to recognize each individual and to obtain the tracking of didactic activities and the quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the learning process of each single student.


The didactic activity on the Internet unfold within the WEB macro-area known as the Didactic Cyberspace. In the Didactic Cyberspace the learning and developmental process is implemented and the access are differentiated through login and passwords on the basis of the three different roles of those who participate in the learning process: Professors, Tutors and Students. The three categories of those who utilize the service can access information linked to each teaching subject.
In particular, the Professor and Tutor can modify or substitute didactic materials and add new ones for the duration of the teaching period, while the student has his or her own area where data, information and personal notes can be inserted. The student can access:

  • the Page of the Appointed Teaching Professor
  • the Tutor Page.

Within these pages the Learning Environments are inserted and it is possible to access:

  • Didactic Materials

They constitute the course contents: digitized video-lessons with bookmarks allow the hypertextual and multimedia link to books, selected bibliographical references, texts of the exercises, lists of selected websites. The system of dynamic bookmarks gives the Internet-based video-lessons a hyper-textual character allowing different levels of navigation: from one lesson to the other one, between the subjects of a single lesson, between the materials referring to the same subject.

  • Distance Tutoring

The students enrolled in the Master’s course will be able to be followed during every step of their study path by the Telematic Professor-Tutor, who represents a guide as well as a constant presence during your Learning Process. The long distance Tutoring activities can be carried out in two ways:

  • in a synchronic manner, by using the chat rooms, the videochat rooms, video and audio-conference systems activated in the Didactic Cyberspace, but also the three-dimensional classroom created on the UTIU Island of knowledge on Second Life.
  • in a diachronic manner, through tools such as e mail and discussion forums on the Internet. The discussion forums, related to the topics of a given teaching subject, allow you to extend the dialogue and activate a collaborative learning and to organize your thoughts regarding the discussion topic and study activity that you are engaged in.
  • The virtual classroom in UNINETTUNO Island of Knowledge on Second Life

In UNINETTUNO (International Telematic University) Island of Knowledge we developed a 3D vitual Auditorium devoted to our postgraduate courses. This is where the students’ avatar and professors/tutors’ avatars interact, in real time,  in the three-dimensional world of UNINETTUNO. Practical sesions, assessments, tests and videoconferences with the participants through their avatars are carried out. In addition, practical sessions and tutorials are guided by UNINETTUNO professors through their own avatars. In the virtual classroom of Second Life on the UNINETTUNO Island of Knowledge the students and the professors/tutors teach and learn collaboratively they building and sharing knowledge with students from diverse political, cultural and religious backgrounds. Here study engage in conversation in a unique way, and each student is given the opportunity to appreciate different perspectives from a wide range of different cultures.

Admissions requirements

For entry into the 4 year DBA programme you will need to have an MBA or an equivalent Master’s degree in a business related subject. Also you will need at least three years experience in a senior role in your organsiation.

EU and International Students

EU and International students whose first language is not English are required to have an appropriate grade/score in an approved examination in English language (such as IELTS) Academic) before they can register on an academic programme. You will need to show that you have achieved I ELTS 7.0 (with no less than 6.0 in any element).

Direct DBA entry to Year 3

To be considered for direct entry into the DBA programme you will need a research degree (for example MSc, MPhil, MRes, PhD). This must be in a business related field.

Students are required to submit a short research outline in an area of research related expertise. Only research outlines that match an available research topic will be considered, and students must indicate the research topic on their research outline. This does not need to be a research proposal, just an outline as to why this research is important and what your the expected outcomes.

It is common for a research proposal to be part of the application. Your research outline should address the following areas:

  • Why do you want to do the DBA? (Explain how the DBA will help you pursue your career objectives)
  • What relevant work experience do you have? (Describe the relevant work and career experience that is relevant to your specific area you wish to research, highlighting the skills and experience gained)
  • Supply a Research Proposal (What do you propose to research – what is the area that you wish to study, and they key research question you want to answer? Is the research question representing the gap or opportunity that you propose to address?)
  • How will you conduct your research? (How will gather your data for the thesis. Outline how you will go about obtaining the data and any potential risks)
  • Contribution (Is there anything new and novel that your research will contribute?)

Who can Apply

You will need an MBA or an equivalent Master’s qualification in a business related discipline. This could be an MA, MSc in an area of business-related professional practice and have at least five years related professional practice experience. You will also need to be employed in the professional capacity that you propose to study. You can also be self-employed. If you are employed, you must have the formal agreement and active co-operation of the organisation where the DBA studies are to take place.

Academic Staff

Professor Marc Cashin

Professor Marc Cashin5ive Global Business and Education Consultants

Marc has worked in industry for 25 years before becoming an academic. Marc served in senior executive positions in some of the world’s largest technology companies and have been responsible for running projects in the hundreds of millions of euros. Marc brings a unique perspective to business education, being passionate about work based learning and the benefits of combining practical business knowledge and academic knowledge uniquely targeted at executive education needs.

Professor Marco De Marco

Professor Marco de MarcoProfessor of Business Management at International Telematic University UNINETTUNO

Marco De Marco was a full professor of Organization and Information Systems at Catholic University of Milan for 31 years.
Now, he is full professor at Università Internazionale Telematica UNINETTUNO in Rome where he is also serves as Dean of the Faculty of Economics.
He was elected member of the AIS Council representing region 2 (Europe, Africa, and Middle East). His major research activities have been in systems development, performance evaluation, and organizational change. In 2010, he was awarded the AIS Fellow for his contribution to the discipline.
Always happy to explore all strategic options – cost-leadership strategy, differentiation strategy or a hybrid strategy – utilizing whichever is most appropriate to client’s particular environment.

Professor Vincent English

Professor Vincent English5ive Global Business and Education Consultants

Vincent is an experienced businessman and entrepreneur. Vincent is current CEO of Vernier Europe, the world’s largest data logging educational company; a role which covers the company’s interests in Europe, Middle East and Africa. He also serves on the board of several other companies and is an active partner in 5G Consulting. Vincent is also a research associate at the International Centre for Innovation and Workplace Learning at Dublin City University.

Dr. Brian Kenny

Dr. Brian KennyHe is a Senior Business Management Consultant and Executive Coach at 5G. He entered the business world at an early age as a sales executive within the import, export and wholesale distribution trade. As his career developed, he became sourcing, marketing and sales manager, and later sales director. Becoming heavily involved in international business within Europe, Asia, and the USA, he eventually became CEO & Managing Director. He was appointed to three government boards ranging from enterprise to infrastructure and strategic policies. He also serves as a non-executive director, and is currently chairman of a large SME company.

Dr. Padraig (Patrick) Kenny

Dr. Padraig (Patrick) KennyPatrick employs cross-functional experience to increase clients’ competitive advantage and profitable growth by lowering operating costs, tightening supply/procurement controls, introducing innovative processes and maximizing in-house personnel’s talents and technical expertise.

Always happy to explore all strategic options – cost-leadership strategy, differentiation strategy or a hybrid strategy – utilizing whichever is most appropriate to client’s particular environment.

Professor Jason Palframan

Professor Jason Palframan5ive Global Business and Education Consultants

Jason is a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society (BPS) and Chartered member of the Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). He is also an NLP coach, NLP master practitioner and stress advisor.

Professor Alberto Romolini

Prof. per alberto romoliniAssociate Professor of Business Administration at International Telematic University UNINETTUNO

Alberto Romolini is Associate Professor of Business Administration at the Faculty of Economics at the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO.
Alberto is a member of UNINETTUNO Committee for some Master’s program in partnership with other international institutions.


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