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DBA - Doctorate in Business Administration

Doctorate in Business Administration - DBA

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This prestigious program is designed to propel your career to new heights by providing comprehensive expertise and skills that set you apart in the competitive business world. With the DBA, you'll gain in-depth knowledge and be poised for rapid advancement into executive and leadership positions where your leadership will significantly impact you.

Develop powerful research capabilities enabling you to make data-driven decisions and tackle complex business challenges. By contributing to the body of knowledge in your industry through original research, you'll become a recognized thought leader. Forge valuable connections with professionals from diverse backgrounds, creating collaboration opportunities and networking that can shape your career. Along this journey, you'll experience personal growth, building resilience, discipline, and determination.

Equip yourself with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in entrepreneurship and gain a global perspective, as DBA programs often emphasize international business trend.

Who Can Apply

The Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) is ideally suited for a select group of individuals with a unique blend of ambition, experience, and a thirst for academic and professional advancement.
This program is tailored for:

  • Experienced Professionals:
    Those with significant experience in business and management, often at the senior executive or managerial level, are eager to further refine their expertise and credentials.
  • Aspiring Thought Leaders:
    Individuals who aspire to become thought leaders and visionaries within their respective industries, with a desire to contribute new knowledge and innovative solutions to the field.
  • Change Agents:
    Professionals who are driven by a commitment to bring about positive change in their organizations and industries through research-driven insights and strategies.
  • Lifelong Learners:
    Those with an insatiable appetite for learning wish to continually push the boundaries of their knowledge and capabilities.
    The DBA program is designed for individuals who see themselves as catalysts for progress, seeking to make a lasting impact in business and management through rigorous academic study and research.

  • Future Academics:
    Aspiring academics who aim to bridge the gap between practical business expertise and academic research, potentially transitioning into roles as university professors or researchers.
    The DBA program is designed for individuals who see themselves as catalysts for progress, seeking to make a lasting impact in business and management through rigorous academic study and research.

Programme structure

The DBA program, encompassing both the direct entry option for MBA holders and the standard four-year track for those with a postgraduate qualification in business or a related area, is structured to progress through two distinct phases.
In the initial phase, which applies to all participants regardless of their chosen pathway, students must complete an 'upgrade viva' within 12 months of their registration in the DBA program. During this upgrade viva, students must present and defend their research proposal. This critical milestone ensures that each student has a robust and viable research plan for their doctoral journey.

The coursework for the first two years, delivered through bi-weekly online supervision meetings and a virtual learning environment, is designed to support this process. During this period, students delve into mandatory advanced topics such as research methodologies, quantitative and statistical analysis, qualitative analysis, and optional topics such as strategic management, organisational theory, and the use of AI for education. Alongside this, students engage in preparatory work for their doctoral dissertation under the guidance of their academic advisors. This preparation includes two essential elements: a comprehensive literature review in their chosen research area, due by the end of the first academic year, and a preliminary thesis proposal, due by the end of the second year.

The second phase of the DBA program culminates in the final viva, where students defend their doctoral thesis. This event should occur between 1 and 6 years following the successful completion of the upgrade viva. The timing of this final defence is flexible to accommodate the diverse pace and intensity of research work students undertake, depending on whether they are on the accelerated direct entry pathway or the standard four-year track.

Programme structure-DBA

Since the start of the DBA program in 2019 there has been 14 succesful graduations.
99% employment
2.8yrs average completion

Admission Requirements

To be eligible for admission to the DBA program, you are required to meet the following criteria:

  • Possess a Master's degree in business or a related field or an equivalent qualification.
  • Have a minimum of five years of senior management experience.

The admission process is highly competitive, and all prospective applicants must provide the following documentation:

  • Official academic transcripts and certificates demonstrating the completion of an MBA, MSc, or MA degree in business or a related discipline.
  • Two letters of recommendation, with at least one coming from your current employer.
  • A comprehensive curriculum vitae (CV) outlining your professional and academic background.
  • A copy of your passport for identification purposes.
  • A well-structured research proposal (Guidance notes provided).
  • A personal statement that articulates your motivations for pursuing this program and elucidates how your educational background, qualifications, and prior experiences align with the program's requirements and expectations (Guidance notes available).
  • Meeting these admission requirements and submitting the requested documentation will ensure that you are on the path to joining our esteemed DBA program.

Uninettuno DBA is a professional doctorate program different from a research doctorate - such as a PhD. This program is classified as Corso di Alta Formazione Professionale DBA - Doctorate of Business Administration (D.M. 270/2004) in Italy. Uninettuno DBA is a 3rd Cycle, EQF Level 8 program in accordance with the European Qualifications Framework.

Scientific Committee

Professor Vincent English

Professor Vincent English 5ive Global Business and Education Consultants

Vincent is an experienced businessman and entrepreneur. Vincent is current CEO of Vernier Europe, the world’s largest data logging educational company; a role which covers the company’s interests in Europe, Middle East and Africa. He also serves on the board of several other companies and is an active partner in 5G Consulting. Vincent is also a research associate at the International Centre for Innovation and Workplace Learning at Dublin City University.

Professor Marco De Marco

Professor Marco de Marco Professor of Business Management at International Telematic University UNINETTUNO

Marco De Marco was a full professor of Organization and Information Systems at Catholic University of Milan for 31 years.
Now, he is full professor at Università Internazionale Telematica UNINETTUNO in Rome where he is also serves as Dean of the Faculty of Economics.
He was elected member of the AIS Council representing region 2 (Europe, Africa, and Middle East). His major research activities have been in systems development, performance evaluation, and organizational change. In 2010, he was awarded the AIS Fellow for his contribution to the discipline.
Always happy to explore all strategic options – cost-leadership strategy, differentiation strategy or a hybrid strategy – utilizing whichever is most appropriate to client’s particular environment.

Professor Francesca Maschio (International Telematic University UNINETTUNO)

Professor Francesca Maschio (International Telematic University UNINETTUNO)
International lawyer, tenured researcher, professor at UNINETTUNO, contract professor at the London School of Business and Finance, the Berlin School for Business and Innovation and the University of Rome "Roma Tre", Faculty of Law. She graduated from the University of Rome "La Sapienza", Faculty of Law (with honors) and obtained a PhD in "Intellectual Property Law" at the University of Padua. Lawyer since 2001, she has a wide international experience on negotiation and taylor-made drafting of international contracts, intellectual property, fashion law, artificial intelligence, data protection, cybersecurity.

Professor Alberto Romolini

Prof. per alberto romoliniAssociate Professor of Business Administration at International Telematic University UNINETTUNO

Alberto Romolini is Associate Professor of Business Administration at the Faculty of Economics at the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO.
Alberto is a member of UNINETTUNO Committee for some Master’s program in partnership with other international institutions.

Professor Tony Birch (Longford College)

Professor Ruth Forrest (Longford College)


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