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MBA - Master in Accounting and Finance

Master in Accounting and Finance

The MBA in Accounting and Finance has been designed by the International Telematic University Uninettuno in order to provide the necessary knowledge and expertise to senior managers and leaders of the accounting sector. The emphasis is on accounting and financial management in an international and local setting and the program draws on an emerging body of knowledge and evidence to allow comparisons across different countries and systems.
The contemporary global environment envisages a restructured financial sector taking the lead in maintaining and improving accounting services. This policy agenda emphasizes strongly the need for good leadership, and within that requires the development of a vision and of practices in financial management, appropriate for the organisation of financial services for the 21st century. The MBA is developed in order to assist the achievement of that aim. It builds on the research and teaching strengths so as to ensure that graduates will be able to administer accounting and finance services on the basis of a sound understanding of theories and practices of management.

This course focuses on the provision of a multidisciplinary, critically analytical and practice based approach to the main challenges and issues in financial management, planning and policy, which face the providers of accounting and accounting-related services. The program is suitable for all accounting professionals, planners, senior and mid – level managers working in or having responsibility for the financial management of organizations and of public or private enterprises. 

The MBA Program lasts one and a half academic year corresponding to 90 ECTS credits structured in videolessons, seminars, exercises, conferences, tutoring activities, research activities and training periods.


The Master’s course includes seven modules and a research dissertation:

  • Module 1 – Audit and Assurance
  • Module 2 – Globalisation and Economic Policy
  • Module 3 – Advanced Web Technologies
  • Module 4 – Financial Statement Analysis
  • Module 5 – Strategic Cost Management
  • Module 6 – Elective Module / Other Activities
  • Module 7 – Research Methods
  • Module 8 – Dissertation


In order to get the Master’s title, that will be issued by the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, the student has to prepare a final thesis on a topic agreed with the Master’s course Scientific Committee.