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Intergenerational Learning Partnership Over 55

Global programme: Erasmus+
Specific programme: KA2 - Cooperation and Innovation for Good Practices
Call: 2014
Project number: 2014-1-MT01-KA202-000539
Duration: 36 Months (9/1/2014 - 8/31/2017)
Project Manager: Stephen Cachia - Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology


The aim of ILPO55 is to address the various European challenges and strategies relating to the management of individuals aged over 55, by providing tangible tools and approaches to improve their employability.
ILPO55 seeks to support the imparting of skills and the transfer of work-based competencies from the employees who are ‘over 55’ to the younger generations of employees.
The project focuses on the Financial Services sector, however it is envisaged that the framework developed by the project will also serve as a benchmark for other sectors.
Ultimately the benefits of recognizing skills and the transfer of work-based competencies from the employees who are ‘over 55’ to the younger generations would implement an Intergenerational Partnership for exchange of competencies and increase employee activity and efficiency. This strategy would help to support the reduction of skills mismatch and to enhance entrepreneurial behavior thereby resulting in better exploitation of the competencies and work experience.


The Project’s outcomes will bring a very important contribution to the sustainable implementation of age management and intergenerational approaches in the FSS:
a. increase over 55 FSS employees' employability, motivation and entrepreneurial behavior at work place and / or searching for new professional opportunities within the FSS and / or other sectors.
b. reduce the unemployment rate of the over 55 within the FSS, in consideration of their increased professionality
c. strengthen cooperation between Employers, Trade Unions, HEI and VET providers for facilitating the professional development of the over 55 employees.
d. the concrete ILPO55 Reference Framework (including practical recommendations, instruments and tools) and the two qualifications (including the courses curricula and training programmes),  will enhance stakeholders involvement and motivate them to be more active in this field.
e. raise awareness about the benefits and opportunities the further exploitation of ILPO55 results can bring for both employer and employees, and for ther local community.
f. supply Banks and Financial Institutions with relevant skills and competencies and enhanced entrepreneurial behaviors at work place.
g. support FSS institutions in their social responsibility strategies and activities.
h. facilitate work-based education and training for young employees, thus enhance their employability.
i. support companies in their efforts to become 'Learning Organzations' through enhancing the: internal exchange and dialogue, professional development opportunities for employees of all ages and learning approach to strategy.
j. provide input and relevant documentation for supporting national policies and strategies in the field.


Partners aim to create this Intergenerational Partnership locally and at European level for promoting the age management with an intergenerational approach in local and international FSS institutions.


The desired impact:
- Involved stakeholders (banks, financial institutions, HEI, VET providers, Trade Unions) agree upon the ILPO55 Reference  Framework and declare their interest in further exploiting it locally and nationally.
- The ILPO Reference Framework becomes a benchmark in the field, at national and European level. Stakeholders, in particular Policy Makers, will consider it for defining strategies and methodologies regarding age management and intergenerational cooperation.
- Support active citizenship within local communities.
- Enhance the social responsibility of individuals and of the business environment locally and at European level.


The International Telematic University UNINETTUNO is leader of WP O2 “Website”.
The website will be hosted by UNINETTUNO and maintained three years after the project completion. 
The main objectives of the website are:
- To steer the dissemination of results towards the demands of project stakeholders, policy-makers and ultimately the society, ensuring that such results reach the right target audiences in a format and at a time which enables them to benefit from them.
- To successfully transfer the results to appropriate decision-makers to achieve their sustainable promotion and support.
- To convince VET providers and other relevant stakeholders to adopt and/or apply the results, also after the project and support by its partnership has ended
The main areas of the website will be translated also into the national languages of the project partners for facilitating wider dissemination of the project results at national level
Furthermore, UNINETTUNO is involved as partner in the other WPs.


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