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BIC - Blueprint for Interactive Classroom

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University College Dublin


The objective of the project is to design, implement and validate a set of automated classrooms for the distance teaching that will allow teachers and students to interact by using different computer networks effectively both from the pedagogical point of view and cost/output one. The project will be managed in such a way to ensure the maximum interoperability among various scenarios, using common technologies and protocols.
The main results expected from the project concern the implementation of the classrooms in telepresence in five European countries, which can demonstrate the potential of the telematics use for the interaction of teachers and students in real-time, live and with a good cost/output ratio.
A textbook will be published both in print and on magnetic storage media in order to disseminate the results. The textbook will also include a complete guide to the construction of a classroom in telepresence, with chapters dedicated to the analysis of the needs, pedagogical telepresence, technical specifications, costs, and some case studies.


NETTUNO was involved in the following Work Packages:

  1. Work Package 2: external activities
  2. Work Package 3: specific activities of use and functionality
  3. Work Package 4.3: activity related to the presentation of Automated Area for remote and local students


The main activities in which NETTUNO was engaged consisted in the diffusion of the initiatives and work of BIC inside its own Network.
NETTUNO has actively participated in the "Information day", allowing many students of the University of Rome “La Sapienza” and representatives of the Politecnico di Torino to participate in.
NETTUNO has drawn up two questionnaires on the students needs and the functional specifications of the project BIC.
It also participated in the video conference about “Presentation of the European Project BIC activities” held the September 27, 1997 with the contribution “Evaluation and interaction with the participants”.


January 1, 1996 – December 31, 1997


Information Technology Centre - Irlanda
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Research and Development- Belgio
Universitè de Nancy 2 - Francia
Institut Commercial de Nancy - Francia
Politecnico di Milano
Helsinki University of Technology - Finlandia
NETTUNO - Network per l'Università Ovunque