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LIVIUS - Learning in Virtual Integrated University System

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NETTUNO - Network per l'Università Ovunque


The project aims at realizing a European Distance University in the form of a network including traditional universities, distance universities and technological companies for the purpose of adapting, co-producing and delivering university study courses in the field of Computer Engineering and Telecommunications Engineering and make the relative credits and titles  be acknowledge at national and European level.
From a structural viewpoint it organized based on NETTUNO’s model, after having being adapted to an international dimension. Its structures are:

  • European Center: it coordinates all the distance teaching activities  
  • National Centers: they assure the coordination of the activities at national level and connecting to the European Center;
  • Supplying Universities: they manage students’ enrolments and deliver academic titles acknowledge at European level;
  • Production centers: they realize multimedia educational products to be delivered via satellite television and on the Internet;
  • Technological Poles: they provide learning since they supply the students with all the required technologies (satellite television and Internet via satellite) and multimedia educational materials. The Technological Poles can be set up at the site of each partner, in traditional universities as well as in off-campus facilities or in the students’ homes.

Utilized technologies:

The project envisages the realization of true network among all involved universities and institutions with the support of digital satellite. All lessons will be broadcast on television on NETTUNO satellite channels, RAI NETTUNO SAT1 and RAI NETTUNO SAT2, and on an Internet via satellite learning platform expressly designed for this project.


The LIVIUS project take origin from the standpoint of giving adequate answers to the needs identified in the E-learning Action Plan “Defining Tomorrow’s Education” for the development in Europe of virtual networks that make use of new multimedia technologies and Internet to enhance the quality of learning, facilitating the access to resources and services and also cooperation and exchanges of knowledge and information.  
From this standpoint the general project objectives are:  

  • creating a new organizational model and a new educational and psycho-pedagogic model of European Virtual University born form a consortium of traditional universities, distance universities and technological companies of several European countries, structured as a network;  
  • developing cooperation among partners in order to design shared educational paths and curricula allowing for the acknowledgement of titles at European level, based on the Sorbonne (25 May 1998) and Bologna (19 June 1999) Declarations;
  • communicating knowledge by means of the new technologies;
  • innovating teaching and learning methods and contributing to a fast Exchange of data and information;
  • meeting the need for flexibility avoiding the student’s feeling of isolation, thus matching presence with distance and, therefore, maintaining a time for direct interaction among students, between students and teachers both in the face-to-face and in the distance mode;
  • renewing the roles of the learner and of the teacher: the teacher will have to design learning scenarios, learn new languages, be able of teaching on television and on the Internet, using the new technologies;
  • design a European curriculum in Computer and Telecommunication Engineering;
  • producing 2 pilot modules of 20 hours of videolessons each in 4 languages (English, French, Spanish and Italian) in Computer Engineering and Telecommunications that will be delivered on via satellite television on NETTUNO satellite channels, RAI NETTUNO SAT1 and RAI NETTUNO SAT2 and on a learning platform on Internet via satellite, expressly realized for this purpose.


NETTUNO, as first contractor, will be responsible for the organizational, educational, methodological and administrative coordination of the entire project.
NETTUNO will play an essential role in organizing the reference teaching model and in structuring the network and in its functioning.
Il will look into the distance teaching psycho-pedagogic model within the network as well as into the educational and organizational model on which to build a European Virtual University.
In addition, NETTUNO’s site will be the European Center of reference for the network sharing its know-how and expertise in realizing shared educational paths.
In particular, NETTUNO is responsible for the following activities:

  • Design of the psycho-pedagogic model for the European Virtual University;
  • Coordination and organization of the structure;
  • Administrative and financial management of the network;
  • Coordination and planning of the educational activities aimed at designing a European curriculum;
  • Coordination, organization and realization of the production of a multilingual "Pilot Module" (40 hours on the whole for 2 modules lasting 20 hours each);
  • Utilization of the pilot module on NETTUNO satellite channels, on the Internet and on the Internet via satellite.


1 September 2002 - 30 November 2003


CNED. Centre National pour l'Enseignement à Distance
Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Université Franco-Italienne
Cambridge Universities
INSA- Lyon Scientific and Technical University
Universidad de Barcelona
National technical university of Athens (NTUA)
National Centre for Scientific Research NCSR "Demokritos"
Giunti Ricerca
Groupe CYBEL- Strategy and Knowledge Management
FD Learning