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ViCES - Activities

Implementation status
80 - 100% 50 - 80% 0 - 50%

Activities / results Description Partners Deliverable
WP 1. Functional videoconferencing educational service system within MK - Specification of the needed equipment - Procurement of the videoconferencing equipment -
WP 2. Methodology guide for the usage of video conferencing subsystem for educational purposes in a multi lingual distance learning environment - Preparation for the short visits (determining issues to be discussed at the short visits) -Exchange of experience with EU partner Universities in order to establish a concept and methodology for an integrated learning environment including video conference - Organization of the international workshop and conference on methodologies of distance learning applied on video conferencing - Realization of the international workshop and conference on methodologies of distance learning applied on video conferencing - Publication of the best practices in introducing video conferencing in educational process in a form of guide for proposed methodology -
WP 4. Web based portal - Web based portal for equal and transparent access to the videoconferencing services enabling participation in live educational video conferencing sessions or video on demand service for recorded video conferencing sessions. - Development of the multi lingual web portal engine with possibility for integrated access to video conferencing sessions - Short training of the content providers for the web portal - Administration and maintenance of the web portal -
WP 5. Initial video conference service process description - Initial video conference service process description, draft documents for service level agreements, draft documents for different non functional requirements with regards to video conferencing services - Short visits for the key staff involved in this outcome -
WP 7. Dissemination - Implementation of dissemination tracks (informative sessions) on quality control meeting - Publication of different reports -
WP 8. Sustainability - Development of a sustainability strategy -
WP 9. Quality control and Monitoring - First Quality Control Meeting -
WP 10. Management of the Project - Consortium meetings - Coordination of the academic work of the project - Planning and organization of visits - Handling the activities for the equipment procurement - Finacial administration and generation of project administrative reports -

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