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Activities / results Description Partners Deliverable
A1 - Constitution of the management structure The objective of this activity is to establish clear and shared databases among partners, to regulate the relationship between the partners, make political and logistical frames within the consortium to ensure the quality of the management of the project at all levels.
Leading partners:
  • GIP FIPAG - Académie Grenoble : GIP Formation et Insertion Professionnelle
A2 – Formalization of the 3 regional strategic plans and the elaboration of the diagnosed of training needs The objective of this activity, the foundation of all others, is to validate a reliable, accurate and shared education in each of the three region in management and management of computer network security to develop secure networks for businesses. This requires the prior identification of specific and generic skills to the targeted industry. It will equip teachers and, more generally, the members of the operational production groups so they can achieve reliable results in their analysis.
Leading partners:
  • GIP FIPAG - Académie Grenoble : GIP Formation et Insertion Professionnelle
A3 - Development of programs, courses content and teaching resources of the Bachelor and Master’s Degree The objective of this activity is to ensure that the programs are in line with the Bologna process and adapted to the training needs identified in the survey, while respecting national legislation and standards; support the partner universities in the implementation of the activities of their action plan; improve teachers on new disciplines related to skills expected by companies; provide the leading universities with a suitable resource center; anticipate the digitization of productions that will be performed in Lot 5.
Leading partners:
  • Universidade de Vigo
A4 – Formation of minimum 270 graduated students in each of the three regions and sustainability of the new educational offer. The goal is to train at least 270 students in each country. The project will target, on average, about 180 students in the first year of Bachelor’s Degree, and about 90 students in their first year of Master’s Degree. This activity will focus on testing the program in order to reframe its contents, if necessary with the support of centers of excellence.
Leading partners:
  • UTM - Universitatea Tehnică a Moldovei
A5 - An initial training device accessible online The objective is to make available online and interactively all training programs and educational resources developed in previous activities; to support teachers that will be faced with a change in teaching situation; enable students, through a simple Internet connection, to access a digital space training, have at their disposal all the tools, content of training and assistance necessary for their success.
Leading partners:
  • International Telematic University UNINETTUNO
A6 - Optimization of employability and entrepreneurial spirit of students The objective of this activity is to guarantee students with optimal employability requirements (80% at the end of training and 95% a year later). To do this we must ensure: - effective anchoring of the company’s training - give each student an accompaniment to the job search, but also an innovative entrepreneurial journey to encourage them to develop business creation initiatives.
Leading partners:
  • UR1 - Institut Technologique du Pirée (TEI du Pirée)
A7 - A modular device in Long Life Learning (LLL) on the administration and security of computer systems and networks This activity aims at providing professional development for employees of IT companies which need to acquire new skills for the new activities resulting from computer security. This device will offer individualized career paths to each employee and be available in both traditional and distance learning formats to take account personal availability and constraints.
Leading partners:
  • HCMUT - Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology
A8 - Design and implementation of an action plan for the dissemination and permanent exploitation of results The objective of this activity is to develop early in the project and during the whole 3 years the spirit of sharing, dissemination and optimization with all stakeholders; permanently associate ministries in project work and in validating the results; design attractive media dissemination; use the networks of partners and place the distribution under the authority of the partner departments; offer for free all outputs and make them easy accessible; mobilize corporate sponsors on financing of the new training offers; transfer the experience of the trainers involved; incorporate the project in companies.
Leading partners:
  • KUAM - Kokshetau Abai Myrzahmetov University
A9 - Quality Control & Monitoring The objective of this activity, transversal to all the others, is to allow a qualitative and quantitative, permanent and progressive evaluation of each outcome and activity. This will involve crossing procedures, independent and external to the project, for reliable quality control; an analysis of general indicators such as 14 Tuning control points as well as specific indicators of the project; embed the accreditation standards of education ministries in the indicators.
Leading partners:
  • CESIE - Centro Studi ed Iniziative Europeo
A10 - Steering and project management The objective of this activity is to establish procedures, to set operational control bodies and to appoint officials at every level. It will also involve: ensuring optimal management of funds in a deconcentrated way in the regions and in strict accordance with program management rules; ensure compliance of partner management practices with the rules of the program, including training their accountants; minimize eligible expenditure for partners on their balance sheet; aim for the best output cost / performance / durability.
Leading partners:
  • International Telematic University UNINETTUNO

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