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Printing certificates exempt from stamp duty

From the reserved area of the Administrative Secretariat, after logging in, without having to get in touch with the Faculty Dean’s Office or with the Students’ Secretariat, it is possible to print the following certificates:

  • Matriculation Application
  • Enrolment
  • Enrolment including academic years
  • Enrolment including exams and dates
  • Enrolment with matriculation
  • Enrolment including study program
  • Degree
  • Degree including academic years
  • Degree including exams and dates
  • Degree with exams, dates and average grade
  • Degree with exams and dates in multilingual format
  • Situation as regards fees per calendar year

Important notice on certificates

In accordance with the Law n° 183/2011 the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO issues exclusively stamped certificates that can be used only for relationships among privates bearing the indication: “The present certificate shall not be submitted to public administration bodies or private services suppliers". Consequently, the students who have to state to a Public Board (for example, to another university) information concerning their academic career, must submit a self-certification.