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Access the Interactive Classroom for Graduation Thesis – Psychology Faculty

Modalità di svolgimento

Delivery mode

Preparatory meeting

The Graduation Commissions will gather before the session with the exclusive attendance of the Commission members, by means of UNINETTUNO’s Interactive Classrooms system that was designed for this purpose.

During this restricted meeting, the Commission members will discuss, one by one, each thesis
assigning a grade to each work. The Commission analyses the student’s academic career and his starting grade, based on the average grade of the passed exams (divided by 30 for 110), rounded down to .49 decimal points and rounded up starting to .50 decimal points.

The Commission closes its meeting preparing the list of the graduating students including their starting grade and the possible final grade that will have to be confirmed after the discussion of the thesis by the candidate. During this phase, there is also the preparation of the Graduation Records, with the aid of the Faculties’ Deanship Offices.

Graduation sessions

The Graduation Session in the Interactive Classroom will be managed by the Faculty Dean’s Offices, which will be acting as Coordinators. In the Graduation Session, both the Professors/Supervisors and Graduating Students and any family members or relatives keen on attending will be able to access at the same time. The sessions will be recorded. At the end of the discussion of each student, the Commission will decide a grade to be assigned to the above- mentioned discussion and the Chairperson of the Commission will make the declaration by adding to the final wording, the question “Will you accept this grade?”

The Faculty Dean’s Offices will fill in the Graduation Records including the grade of each student and will send a scanned copy of it to the Professors and to the Students to ask them to sign them; the career of each student will be closed when the Graduation Records is filled in and signed. The original copies of the records will be then also undersigned after the conclusion of the emergency control period.

Installation and setting-up

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Access to the interactive classroom to discuss graduation theses