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Incoming Students for studies

Starting from academic year 2015/16, the Erasmus+ programme allows students, enrolled in extra-European Universities which are Uninettuno partners in KA107 ICM projects, to spend a period of mobility for study at Uninettuno. During this mobility the selected students will be able to study and take exams, which later will be recognised by their sending University.

In order to apply for the EU grant the student must be registered in University of the Partner Country and enrolled at least in the second year of studies leading to a recognised degree or another recognised tertiary level qualification (up to and including the level of doctorate).

The duration of the mobility must be from 3 to 12 months. The same student may take part in more than one mobility, totalling up to 12 months maximum per each cycle of study (prior experience under LLP-Erasmus Programme and Erasmus Mundus programme counts towards the 12 months per study cycle), independently of the number and type of mobility activities.

The EU grants

Students may receive an EU grant as a contribution for the subsistence expenses during the period of study, equal to an amount of 850 EUR per month. The exact grant is calculated considering the real days of stay abroad, computed according to the Erasmus+ programme rules.

In addition, students coming from Partner Countries will receive the following top-up amounts, to support them in covering their travel costs.
Note: The distance is computed from Rome to the city of the home University, not to the city of residence. Only the official Distance Calculator Tool of the Erasmus+ programme can be used to perform the calculation

Travel distances


Between 100 and 499 km

180 EUR per participant

Between 500 and 1999 km

275 EUR per participant

Between 2000 and 2999 km

360 EUR per participant

Between 3000 and 3999 km

530 EUR per participant

Between 4000 and 7999 km

820 EUR per participant

8000 km or more

1100 EUR per participant

Participants with zero-grant

Students with a zero-grant from EU funds are mobile participants that do not receive an EU grant related to travel and subsistence, but they otherwise fulfil all student mobility criteria and benefit from all advantages of being Erasmus+ student.


For more information please refer to your home university international office or use one of the following contact details:

International Mobility Office

Prof. Dario Assante

Tel: +39 06 69207633
Fax: +39 06 69942065

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