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Accommodation in Rome

In the city there are many Universities. Therefore, it is possible to find a wide offer of accommodation, especially for students. However, since Rome is an important tourist destination, the prices of the house/flat/room rentals may be on average higher than in other Italian cities.

The International Telematic University UNINETTUNO is located in the centre of Rome, in a very tourist area and very close to several institutional offices (Senate, Chamber, Municipality, etc.). For this reason, it will be extremely difficult to find an accommodation at affordable prices next the University.

Being a very large city, it is important to choose carefully the accommodation, especially if you should stay in Rome for many months. In fact, in spite of the good network of public services provided in the city, it may take you more than an hour to reach the University from the outlying districts of the city.

The most economical accommodation for the students, but usually not comfortable enough and thus not recommended for the long stays, is the dormitory.
Most of the Erasmus students live in shared flats with other students: this option usually represents the best compromise between comfort and price. Normally for these types of accommodation you can rent both single and double rooms. Currently, according to the city districts, type of room/flat, and available services, the cost of a bed accomodation is about €300-500. If you search for a more comfortable solution but also more expensive, it is possible to evaluate the possibility to rent a flat. This solution, depending on the district, type of flat, length of stay and time of year, can have a cost of about €600-150. The hotels are the most expensive and would be taken into consideration for short stays. Some hotels that have agreements with UNINETTUNO can provide price reduction.

Below you can find a selection of useful websites to find accommodation for students. If you have any doubt you can also contact the Office of International Mobility of UNINETTUNO.

Other useful information can be found on the official website of theErasmus Student Network in Romeor in various groups of Erasmus students on the most popular Social Networks.