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Identity Provider Service


An identity for those who study and for those who search

UNINETTUNO’s Identity Provider Service offers a digital identity allowing to access all the resources of the IDEM (IDEntity Management federated for accessing services) Federation and the interfederation eduGAIN (that interconnects national identity federations to simplifying the access to contents, services and resources for the Research and Education Community).

Federated digital identity allows users to access services and digital resources with a single username and password, your institutional credentials.
IDEM and eduGAIN allow you to access many federated services using your institutional digital identity. For example, you can access electronic journals wherever you are using the same username and password you use to access the university portal.
Benefits for researchers, lecturers and students:

  • Reduction of the number of passwords you need to remember
  • Simplified access to online resources, regardless of where you connect
  • Security of your personal data

The UNINETTUNO Identity Provider complies with the ESI (European Student Identifier), the unique electronic identifier for European students valid at other European educational institutions. It makes it possible to unambiguously identify the identity of the student accessing digital services throughout Europe.

Database of the resources associated to eduGAIN (including IDEM GARR AAI Federation) that you can access using your own credentials for accessing the University thanks to the Identity Provider Service.

Guide with example to access the federated resources of IDEM and eduGAIN
Users’ support e-mail:

Information on the user attributes release to resources suppliers

By means of this Identity Provider service, UNINETTUNO can interact with the Resource to which you request access some information (attributes) on you, upon request of the Resource itself.
Such information is:

  • Necessary to receive the requested service
  • Limited to the strictly necessary information
  • They will be treated by the Resource according to the law.

The amount of information to be transmitted may vary from Resource to Resource.
This Identity Provider shall send to each Resource only the information that the Resource requires to receive.

During the process of accessing the Resource, you will be shown the exact list of information that this Identity Provider will transmit to the Resource. You will be able to decide, before the transmission is carried out, whether to consent to such transmission and access the Resource, or to deny consent to the transmission of the information, in which case you will give up access to the Resource.

The following table lists all of the information, each identified by an identifying name (attribute name), that this Identity Provider may transmit to a Resource that requests it.

The Identity Provider may only transmit a subset of information drawn from the following list:

Attribute name



Name Surname


Name Surname


Typology of affiliation of the affiliation organization


Unique identifier for the user






Written or spoken language preferred by the user


Identifier of the affiliation organization


Typology to which the affiliation organization belongs


Fiscal Code


European Student Identifier (ESI)




User login name

The Privacy Policy of the Identity Provider service for UNINETTUNO users is available here:
 Privacy Statement - Identity Provider