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UNINETTUNO is currently an active member of the following organisations:

SAR - Scholars at Risk

Scholars at Risks (SAR)

Scholars at Risks (SAR) is an international network of universities, established in 1999 at the University of Chicago, to promote academic freedom and protect scholars risking their lives or whose work is seriously threatened. At present, SAR is a member of the Network for Education and Academic Rights (NEAR) and of the Scholars Rescue Fund (SRF)-Institute of International Education (IIE). It currently includes 450 universities in 40 countries.
The Internatonal Telematic University UNINETTUNO joined the Italian Section of  Scholars at Risk.
SAR Italy is a partnership among Italian higher education and research institutions. In establishing SAR Italy, the governance structures of the partner universities, the teachers, students and all the staff members send a strong signal of solidarity to scholars and higher education institutions worldwide that find themselves in situations where academic freedom is being hindered and research, teaching and training activities are being kept down. SAR Italy works by sharing information, exchanging good practices, cooperating in protection and advocacy activities and in organizing events meant to arise consciousness about this question.
All the universities that are member of the international network are full members of SAR.

ICDE - International Council for Open and Distance Education
ICDE global organisation in the field of Open and Distance Education. From the summer of 2015 UNINETTUNO was officially named as the Strategic hub for South Europe, Arab Countries and the Mediterranean region.
IAU - International Association of Universities
IAU - International Association of Universities IAU is the association of the international institutions of high education, founded in 1950 and directly connected with UNESCO. It unites universities and organisations from about 120 countries around the world, that collaborate with various international organisations, policy-makers, specialists and researchers at the global level in the field of common actions in Higher Education. UNINETTUNO became an institutional member from the beginning of 2015.
EADTU – European Association of Distance teaching Universities
EADTU.png EADTU is the main European association of distance teaching universities, and it is at the centre of the project of European universities’ modernisation. Its mission is the creation of a common European space in accordance with the Declaration of Bologna and the ET2020 strategy. UNINETTUNO is an active member of this association.
OC – The Open Education Consortium
OC – The Open Education Consortium UNINETTUNO joined the global Consortium dedicated to Open Education. The Consortium has thousands of partners, Higher Education Institutions, all over the world with specific programs in Open Education. Only institutions that meet specific international standards on the subject of Open Educational Resources can join the consortium. Thanks to the membership, UNINETTUNO is now available on the OC portal, where it is possible to access a selection of UNINETTUNO OpenupED courses
OpenupEd It is the first pan-European MOOC. It was launched in April 2013 in collaboration with the European Commission and with the participation of 11 partners from 8 European and 3 non-European countries. UNINETTUNO joined from the birth of OpenupEd, providing 227 free courses.
OpenEducation Europa
OpenEducation Europa The European Commission portal is dedicated to the offer of open educational resources of the most important universities in Europe. UNINETTUNO is present with a wide range of university courses open to all. The peculiarity of UNINETTUNO educational offer is multilingual and multidisciplinary approach, that placed the university at the top of the portal in terms of contacts and enrolment in single courses.

COPEAM – Conferenza Permanente per L’audiovisivo del Mediterraneo

COPEAM COPEAM is the international association that brings together all public broadcasters of European and Arab countries in the Mediterranean region.
Within the framework of its activities in support of the cooperation in the audiovisual sector, the working Group ‘Education’ was born with the purpose of designing, producing and distributing of training activities to the journalists and audiovisual operators. During the last conference in Tunis in May 2013 it was resolved to commence the study of training solutions through e-leanring method. These activities will be held on the multilingual platform of UNINETTUNO that will coordinate the design and delivery of modules at the request of the partners.
OAU – Oxford Academic Union
OAU – Oxford Academic Union

It is an organisation located in Oxford, the members of which are professors, rectors and scholars from more than 30 countries. Its mission is to support and promote the international coordination in order to enhance and improve the research and methods of education. The Rector of the Università Telematica Internazionale UNINETTUNO, Maria Amata Garito, is a member of the Oxford Academic Union.

CRE – Club of the Rectors of Europe
CRE – Club of the Rectors of Europe It is a public organisation dedicated to promotion, communication and exchange of ideas among rectors, deans and academic leaders around the world.
EOMED – Espace Numérique Ouvert pour la Méditerranée
EOMED – Espace Numérique Ouvert pour la Méditerranée

The association aims at sharing, improving and developing the digital content of online higher education institutions and universities, around a digital space that is open to all, in all the countries of the Mediterranean region. It is based on the voluntary participation of institutions, coming from the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), in the field of digital technologies. Among the partners there is also the Università Telematica Internazionale UNINETTUNO.

ELIG – European ELearning Industry Group
ELIG – European ELearning Industry Group

The Group’s objective is to work in public-private partnership with the European Commission, national governments and education institutions in order to accelerate the diffusion of e-learning in Europe.

StudyPortals It is an international platform, the mission of which is "Empowering the world to choose (for) education".
Mooc-List It is an aggregator of free online courses, where you can find courses of UNINETTUNO.


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