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Erasmus+ programme at UNINETTUNO

Mobility outside Europe

ERASMUS+ is the new European program in the field of education, training, young and sport for the period 2014-2020, launched after the conclusion of the “Lifelong Learning Programme” (LLP).

Differently from the previous LLP programme, it also includes a new instrument for the realization of mobility actions outside Europe, called International Credit Mobility. Thanks to this action it is possible to organize the mobility of students and staff from the European Universities to other countries outside Europe (Partner Countries), and from the Partner Countries to Europe. This programme takes the place of the previous Erasmus Mundus programme.

This action has started in the academic year 2015/16 and UNINETTUNO has been one of the first Universities to be granted to take part to the programme.

In particular, the International Credit Mobility programme offers the following opportunities:

- Outgoing students mobility for study: opportunity for the UNINETTUNO students to study in a foreign University.

- Incoming students mobility for study: opportunity for students from foreign Universities to attend courses at UNINETTUNO.

- Outgoing staff mobility: opportunity for the UNINETTUNO staff to visit foreing Universities for teaching or training.

- Incoming staff mobility: opportunity for the staff of foreing Universities to visit UNINETTUNO for teaching or training.


Possible destinations

The mobility can be realized only from/to Partner Countries for which UNINETTUNO has been granted funds by the Erasmus+ National Agency and only for Universities which have been included in a specific Erasmus+ Mobility ICM project. Countries and Universities may vary each year.
For more information, it is suggested to check the map and the full list of Universities outside Europe or contact:,

Prof. Dario Assante

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